Exploring a Sunken City for Lost Valuables!
kanakamma Radhakrishnan
kanakamma Radhakrishnan 13 tundi tagasi
It's like vr
Jackwy1208 15 tundi tagasi
You are so much the best you tuber I ever wanted in my life and my name is Jack young And I would love to have one
Nikki Nevin
Nikki Nevin 15 tundi tagasi
Hi I am new here and I will not be able to get the kids are you still want me to drop them off
Cool in the house
Cool in the house 15 tundi tagasi
I don’t have a dog
Panagioti _07
Panagioti _07 15 tundi tagasi
The dog is so adorable 🥺
Guerilla Goij
Guerilla Goij 15 tundi tagasi
I thought the battery was a somewhat recent improvised bomb for some reason
Kamaya Jones
Kamaya Jones 15 tundi tagasi
Christian Hosea
Christian Hosea 15 tundi tagasi
Find James
Rabinibash Naorem
Rabinibash Naorem 16 tundi tagasi
It a tetanic
Brandon Souza
Brandon Souza 16 tundi tagasi
You shouldn’t be taking the shells those are Hawaiian con shells
Chelsea Jackson
Chelsea Jackson 16 tundi tagasi
The shaving blade was actually a panting tool
Whitney Zaniewski
Whitney Zaniewski 16 tundi tagasi
Jake “ find broken scooter this can be a potential murder weapon me “ haha 😆
Chava Aguilar
Chava Aguilar 16 tundi tagasi
Big boy
Whitney Zaniewski
Whitney Zaniewski 16 tundi tagasi
Find freaking James 😂
Benjie Quiazon TV
Benjie Quiazon TV 16 tundi tagasi
O my gosh give 1 bigges crystal
Indiano gamer
Indiano gamer 16 tundi tagasi
Some guy must have pooped on the cover and dumped it in the river🤣
Emilio,Jr. Gragasin
Emilio,Jr. Gragasin 17 tundi tagasi
thats what i told u sir be careful to snake wherever u go and ur team
Alex Wagner
Alex Wagner 17 tundi tagasi
find jame
Chelsea Jackson
Chelsea Jackson 17 tundi tagasi
What is the vr180 do and the die was a lighter.
Frederick Max 陳宏恩 EE 2 - 2 Chen
Frederick Max 陳宏恩 EE 2 - 2 Chen 17 tundi tagasi
Vr wow
SlothQueen Akajosie
SlothQueen Akajosie 17 tundi tagasi
I think that someone saw big boys videos and left it there for him
Harry Spurling
Harry Spurling 17 tundi tagasi
I think its a snake
Sarah C
Sarah C 17 tundi tagasi
Good job
Nicole Pola
Nicole Pola 17 tundi tagasi
The big chunk is probably Gold
H I 18 tundi tagasi
Find James
Riley Cook
Riley Cook 18 tundi tagasi
That toy is from my hero accadamia
manda slime
manda slime 18 tundi tagasi
Wow saya sampai terkejut liat
Adien Spell
Adien Spell 18 tundi tagasi
You ever found a hat
Nabunturan Team Pacot
Nabunturan Team Pacot 18 tundi tagasi
Wow how did I control camera
Krisha Marie Arantax Vedeja
Krisha Marie Arantax Vedeja 18 tundi tagasi
Lol i didnt saw the tittle at first so i was shocked why the camera is moving like i move my phone lol
Serliana Tampubolon
Serliana Tampubolon 18 tundi tagasi
4:14 did anybody see somebody behind them
Rachel Stone
Rachel Stone 18 tundi tagasi
I’m subscribed to every channel that Brandon isn’t and you are in
Maddox Partridge
Maddox Partridge 18 tundi tagasi
my fav color is green or cyan
Rachel Stone
Rachel Stone 18 tundi tagasi
Everyone comments bring treasure on more adventures if you want to see treasure more
Ajda 18 tundi tagasi
this is why Ocean Ramsey is a complete toolbox for encouraging this nonsense. I am horrified beyond words. This is the very opposite of conservation, one of these morons just said "hunting down the biggest white shark to free-dive with". WTF is worn with you people??? The man who found this shark first, years ago did not disclose where or when to shield these sharks from these loser surf dudes. Not to mention that this may not even be that same shark. I have lost all respect and admiration for Ocean and so should you. Flag this.
spikewwh Roblox
spikewwh Roblox 19 tundi tagasi
Umadevi Gangadharappa
Umadevi Gangadharappa 19 tundi tagasi
It was looted the British from our country India give them all back
Salah Arja
Salah Arja 19 tundi tagasi
When i was zooming in on my phone i actualy noticed i was controling the camera
Jenelle Marie Sellars-kase
Jenelle Marie Sellars-kase 19 tundi tagasi
Cindy Severson
Cindy Severson 19 tundi tagasi
Scared the crap out of me with that snake dollar bill!
Melinda Yates
Melinda Yates 19 tundi tagasi
Treasure be like I'm not a monster
subash Babu
subash Babu 19 tundi tagasi
Second statue is god ganesh
Lustrace [CGZ]
Lustrace [CGZ] 19 tundi tagasi
subash Babu
subash Babu 19 tundi tagasi
It is godess lakshmi pls keep it safe do not do anything fun with it as much our god's give good luck they give the same amount of bad luck if u irritate them pls keep it safe and do not disrespect it, since they are our gods and that's the entire set of the god in which it should be kept
Aldo Morales
Aldo Morales 20 tundi tagasi
imagine you found a human leg bone then the next time u called a car door
AQUARZ ZYNN 20 tundi tagasi
I swear at like 1:45 there is like a piece of gold
Mehdi Batuhan Kilic
Mehdi Batuhan Kilic 20 tundi tagasi
Ummm l think there not founding they cleaning
Whitney Lipscomb
Whitney Lipscomb 20 tundi tagasi
Find james
Amy Carreon
Amy Carreon 20 tundi tagasi
Big boy bbbb bbbb bbbbbbbbbbbb
Matthew Metzger
Matthew Metzger 20 tundi tagasi
Find james
Chera Cunningham
Chera Cunningham 20 tundi tagasi
I found 70 crystals in my yard
Matthew Metzger
Matthew Metzger 20 tundi tagasi
Sandra Thomazio
Sandra Thomazio 20 tundi tagasi
Alysia Roberts
Alysia Roberts 20 tundi tagasi
My dude loved the water so much he got buried there
Lorayne Meier
Lorayne Meier 20 tundi tagasi
someone should give him 10000 dollars as a reward for him picking up all this trash
Lorayne Meier
Lorayne Meier 20 tundi tagasi
find James
Evelyn Barrera
Evelyn Barrera 20 tundi tagasi
Me too the iphone x
Steve Chin
Steve Chin 21 tund tagasi
Kids Sizemore
Kids Sizemore 21 tund tagasi
Water snake.
The Fat Kid
The Fat Kid 21 tund tagasi
Says they evacuate city
Cody Stoll
Cody Stoll 21 tund tagasi
Vengeful_ Pluto
Vengeful_ Pluto 21 tund tagasi
I take it he had no more updates as he would've "let us know in the comments section"
Gavin Asay
Gavin Asay 21 tund tagasi
i have one of those knives that was black and rainbow. but mine is silver and gold!
Melinda Yates
Melinda Yates 21 tund tagasi
Dang you got them skate skills
Lucas Monteiro
Lucas Monteiro 21 tund tagasi
Rodney Jenkins
Rodney Jenkins 21 tund tagasi
Rest in peaceTo the people that died in the lake
Miles Gem
Miles Gem 21 tund tagasi
I love this channel it’s so amazing in fact I think everyone here should sub and hit that bell 😀
Fallen Loker
Fallen Loker 22 tundi tagasi
So cool!!!
Hakeem Bobb semple
Hakeem Bobb semple 22 tundi tagasi
I am a big fan😎🙂
Alissa Mansfield
Alissa Mansfield 22 tundi tagasi
Give it to your gf
Jayden Burns
Jayden Burns 22 tundi tagasi
I like the crystal I have watch so many and I have been subscribed for so long. Even if u don’t pick me still luv u bro and keep it up
Fallen Loker
Fallen Loker 22 tundi tagasi
You should start wearing gloves you all y'all are going to get tetanus
Fallen Loker
Fallen Loker 22 tundi tagasi
That was a nail to spike a rail road
Sister Squad
Sister Squad 22 tundi tagasi
Treasure is so cute 😊
Fallen Loker
Fallen Loker 22 tundi tagasi
Find James !!!!!
Fallen Loker
Fallen Loker 22 tundi tagasi
It looks like a branding iron