Can't Believe We Found This While Scuba Diving! (River Treasure)

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In this video I scuba dive for river treasure!
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and EEpostr w/ 11,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on EEpost!
Video filmed and edited by Joseph Talerico -
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I Found 3 Rings, Desktop Computer and Apple Watch Underwater! (SCUBA DIVING)

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Pam S
Pam S Місяць tagasi
Same to you and your family and friends. It was great to see you back at the marina safe and sound. It was very dark out there. 😊😷💗
Sweet_natxre! Місяць tagasi
was that big thing a microwave?
mathew coggins
mathew coggins Місяць tagasi
Just let you know I don't use dollars use I live in England if you want to call it that
Linda Branager
Linda Branager Місяць tagasi
Keep it up
Linda Branager
Linda Branager Місяць tagasi
You have a lot of subscribers because you are honest and your videos are fun to watch
Lily White
Lily White 8 tundi tagasi
"I haven't gotten eaten by a monster out here yet..." Always in the back of my mind too...
Hookn Toads
Hookn Toads 2 päeva tagasi
Can you do a video where you take some stuff you have found to get appraised
Kathy Botard
Kathy Botard 3 päeva tagasi
Awesome finds.
Hanin Abdelaziz
Hanin Abdelaziz 5 päeva tagasi
I love when he says wooohooio
Hellsbane Demonslayer
Hellsbane Demonslayer 9 päeva tagasi
Ooo, piece of candy!
YooXcrz 11 päeva tagasi
I like how he tried a lighter under water
Hardy McDonald
Hardy McDonald 12 päeva tagasi
He would be scared if smith lake
Black Berry
Black Berry 14 päeva tagasi
Those who literally "dropped a thumb" seems to have disliked, as in your description @DALLMYD
Derzzy 14 päeva tagasi
I live there guys
Veon 15 päeva tagasi
What tf is a pc doing there-
CO MAN 49 17 päeva tagasi
I need that watch
John lee
John lee 18 päeva tagasi
Yo Jake I Love your show keep it up dude !!
Nelly Kappa
Nelly Kappa 18 päeva tagasi
Yak 18 päeva tagasi
That airheads was his snack for later
Someone Oop
Someone Oop 19 päeva tagasi
Top 10 ways to cool down your PC number:1 throw it into a lake
Hisham Hisham
Hisham Hisham 19 päeva tagasi
The name of the watch you use please? Love your vids btw bro👍👍👍👍
jojo onthebeat
jojo onthebeat 20 päeva tagasi
3:44 omg a fire lighter, let’s try it Oh wait
Sophie Mercier
Sophie Mercier 22 päeva tagasi
Keep up the hard work. The videos are so peaceful that you make. I love your dog!I want a german sheppard someday too♥️
Jessica Alvarado
Jessica Alvarado 22 päeva tagasi
dont want to be mean but what happend to youer face
owen heithecker
owen heithecker 23 päeva tagasi
Throw the computer in some rice it should be just fine 😂😂
Detonation 23 päeva tagasi
DALLMYD finds a air head candy wrapper him: WOOOOOOH
Halloween Heathen
Halloween Heathen 23 päeva tagasi
You know that computer was involved in a crime.
Kim Flint
Kim Flint 24 päeva tagasi
I love to watch you find stuff I watch everyday
Tom Newman
Tom Newman 26 päeva tagasi
What if you went to the titanic to find gold and other valuable stuff
Jesudhason T
Jesudhason T 26 päeva tagasi
I like jk Army can be understood
Robyn Martin
Robyn Martin 27 päeva tagasi
Absurd Artist
Absurd Artist 27 päeva tagasi
Dude really is the little mermaid’s offspring
Savannah Ashley
Savannah Ashley 28 päeva tagasi
Man oh man you found Kim’s lost diamond earring
Bob Merrick
Bob Merrick 28 päeva tagasi
Jake's videos never disappoint. They keep me hungry on my treasure hunts.
Cayden Bentley
Cayden Bentley 28 päeva tagasi
Nashua New Hampshire rivers would be a great place to check! A lot of people have gone missing over the years and police don’t search them. You could really help out a lot of families here
Angela Kennon
Angela Kennon Місяць tagasi
Is iuii
Cale Martin
Cale Martin Місяць tagasi
Love this channel ❤
WHISKEY YT Місяць tagasi
Pam S
Pam S Місяць tagasi
It’s so funny, each time when you disturb the sand/dirt, I bring my phone closer as if I’m looking over your shoulder. Hilarious!!😂😂💍
TheRaven1013 Місяць tagasi
Saving that air head for later.
Gold Seeker
Gold Seeker Місяць tagasi
amazing video
Ronald Dela Cruz
Ronald Dela Cruz Місяць tagasi
Awesome job Jake!
Ken Horne
Ken Horne Місяць tagasi
Thats a bottom timer you are wearing. I been diver a long time
sirspikey Місяць tagasi
Seriously; Apple phone needs fix their bracelets, seems like everyone is loosing them...
Ishla Gildersleeve
Ishla Gildersleeve Місяць tagasi
Alabamian!🤍❤️ #rolltide
Savage_beast 1012
Savage_beast 1012 Місяць tagasi
Just a question from a starter scuba diver to a veteran scuba diver. How deep can you go in a lake until the pressure starts crushing you?
Laura Edwards
Laura Edwards Місяць tagasi
What I want to no is are these jewellery items are real or not. We never find out! He shud go to the spot were Kim k famously lost her diamond earring lol
Eureka Detect
Eureka Detect Місяць tagasi
Hello friend, I hope you are well. I'm curious: Here in Brazil, every finding that is considered historic by law belongs to the government. There are cases of people who are unaware of the Law, publish their findings and the Government hijacks the findings, without paying any gratuity to the detectorist, who still runs the risk of being arrested if he sells what he finds. How is the Law there? What did you find is it yours? Can you trade freely or keep it in your possession?
Linda Kight
Linda Kight Місяць tagasi
You are so amazing!
мιn x
мιn x Місяць tagasi
What brand your watch it is? That kinda cool tho
Echo Strikez
Echo Strikez Місяць tagasi
I wonder why it was there?
Yazzer _
Yazzer _ Місяць tagasi
New subnautica game is looking great!
FazeLeanCool Місяць tagasi
Who throws a pc in the water
Siir Ash
Siir Ash Місяць tagasi
Bruh idk how you do the water at night that shit scares me lmao
everaldo souza
everaldo souza Місяць tagasi
very nice jake
Rick Ferguson
Rick Ferguson Місяць tagasi
Like when you get excited when you find something
Joey Ward
Joey Ward Місяць tagasi
Where do you mount your go pro when you are scuba diving?
anthony hebbes
anthony hebbes Місяць tagasi
Bobby Roberts
Bobby Roberts Місяць tagasi
What watch is that?
Tapemeasuresarefun4 Місяць tagasi
I think this is the reason I got in to shiny hunting Pokémon 😆
shane bloodsworth
shane bloodsworth Місяць tagasi
Definitely love your videos man. Keep them coming. Me and my family watch them all the time 💪💪💪
Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva Місяць tagasi
nao entendo nadinha do que voces fala
MUSTACHIO Місяць tagasi
Probably someone raged a threw it on the water 🤣😂
MAD DANE Місяць tagasi
Search lake Nottely in north Georgia my fam has lost stuff in the lake
Team Oofers
Team Oofers Місяць tagasi
i like when he return the stuff to owners and also help global warming too
Liam Vanduren
Liam Vanduren Місяць tagasi
Yooo upload im sad pls
D&C Місяць tagasi
Hello friends of gold Exclusive here:*oro*native Nice feedback, gold quartz, gold paydirt, gold nuggets, rare Thai gold, good price!
Trevor Philip's
Trevor Philip's Місяць tagasi
Sweet home Alabama
DC Justin
DC Justin Місяць tagasi
Can we all agree he sounds like yoshi when he gets excited underwater
John lee
John lee 18 päeva tagasi
L.M.B.O. !!
Hobby Day
Hobby Day Місяць tagasi
Сам затопил сам нашол молодец)
y. o.
y. o. Місяць tagasi
whats the most valuable thing you've found ?
Luis Valentine
Luis Valentine Місяць tagasi
There's a rock quarry just outside of San Francisco that has an Inspector S.F. Police badge # 2211 in the water that was thrown in around 1971. I'm pretty sure inspector Harry Callahan would love to get it back.
Wolf Marster
Wolf Marster Місяць tagasi
Hi I did my job today I pick plastic and the animal almost got stuck but me and my mum safe it jut in the nick of time
Haven Williams
Haven Williams Місяць tagasi
I wish I could donate:(. But I entered. Life is super hard right now I literally only have $4.67 in my acct atm due to being being quarantined by work twice due to covid and not being paid a single penny either time . I’m a current member of the Army National Guard. I have struggled to get my own vehicle. I feel like it was a sign for me to watch this video. If I were to win, this would be such a life saver.
Rhett Worley
Rhett Worley Місяць tagasi
Does anyone know where to find the knife he uses
power puff girl for life
power puff girl for life Місяць tagasi
I live in Alabama
Marsha Jones
Marsha Jones Місяць tagasi
Beautiful area. Try lake jocassee
Marsha Jones
Marsha Jones Місяць tagasi
Abwoturaab Ali
Abwoturaab Ali Місяць tagasi
You should Send that computer for Linus Tech Tips i think you know them he's not the owner of it but his know everything about the pc technology
Dimick Family
Dimick Family Місяць tagasi
the give away makes you pay
Dave Miasik
Dave Miasik Місяць tagasi
The Americans clearly have too much money to lose all this stuff. Here in Cymru all we find in our rivers is gold
K B Місяць tagasi
How did some of this stuff ACCIDENTALLY wind up in the water ? People don’t seem to care about the environment.
Ashton Campbell
Ashton Campbell Місяць tagasi
Probably a rage qwiter
Carly Priest
Carly Priest Місяць tagasi
You dropped one of the earrings right at the end of the video! Please tell me someone else saw that
Ron Pettit
Ron Pettit Місяць tagasi
Hi last time I seen you .You hot a you tube award then nothing till your Christmas pictures with Treasure and your girlfriend glad to see it didn't just stop
sam marrs
sam marrs Місяць tagasi
asmr bois
koicora Місяць tagasi
dude i have a phase where i randomly remember this guy and it’s always at like 2 am
Jessica Whalley
Jessica Whalley Місяць tagasi
Hi you found my grandparents rings there, they requested that they would forever remaine under the lake, would you please put them back
Operations CD ITALIA
Operations CD ITALIA Місяць tagasi
I love your videos, I loved the part where there were like huge walls around the water, you should have more subscribers than pewdiepie
Arts is my Moon blossom
Arts is my Moon blossom Місяць tagasi
:0 my earring
Julie Maurstad
Julie Maurstad 2 місяці tagasi
you should try this at the Delaware river. we find lost stuff there all the time.
Nature Broski
Nature Broski 2 місяці tagasi
Who remembers the COD days
Con Ken
Con Ken 2 місяці tagasi
Wheres your metal detector?
Gilvan Black
Gilvan Black 2 місяці tagasi
Olá sou Do Brasil e gosto muito dos videos de vocês 👍👍 🤜🤛 🤝
Sierra Whitehead
Sierra Whitehead 2 місяці tagasi
Kim Kardashians Lost earring
Gabriella Wrasse
Gabriella Wrasse 2 місяці tagasi
For some reason, I had captions on for this video, and it said music when Jake was breathing underwater! 😂😂😂
Louise 2 місяці tagasi
I like when they find something. Like little kids with new toys
Stacy seale music and news
Stacy seale music and news 2 місяці tagasi
Havent seen any new posts I pray your safe
York Massage Therapy
York Massage Therapy 2 місяці tagasi
OK JAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jon dolor
jon dolor 2 місяці tagasi
Hope Schrag
Hope Schrag 2 місяці tagasi
Does anyone know if The earrings were worth anything?
TheTolarBoys 2 місяці tagasi
Was that a pc
Jay Em
Jay Em 2 місяці tagasi
Wife: honey! I want new jewelry! Husband: ok hun *packs scuba gear and metal detector then drives to the nearest body of water that get tons of visitors yearly*
Downunder Dan Diving
Downunder Dan Diving 2 місяці tagasi
BlizzConline Day 1
Blizzard Entertainment
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This is my last video.
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Old Soviet motorcycle full Restoration
Great idea
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BlizzConline Day 1
Blizzard Entertainment
Vaatamised 1,4 mln
This is my last video.
Vaatamised 1,5 mln