Finding SNIPER RIFLE AMMO While Magnet Fishing! **POLICE INVOLVED**

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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and EEpostr w/ 11,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on EEpost!
Video filmed and edited by Joseph Talerico -
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Finding Sniper Rifle Ammo While Magnet Fishing!

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Cody Jensen
Cody Jensen 8 päeva tagasi
@gamer playz I think that I missed it lol 😂 😐
Sean Callaghan
Sean Callaghan 10 päeva tagasi
Dallas Bennett
Dallas Bennett 13 päeva tagasi
Look up a barren that is the sniper ammo
traxx the one
traxx the one 16 päeva tagasi
what if you got a helicopter with a giant magnet and put the magnet under water
Ireland 16 päeva tagasi
6:41 so what you found where 50 BMG bullets and that is the most powerful handheld gun in the world if you know what color tip it has tell me and I can tell you what type of round it is (LOVE THE VIDS)
Roberts Tund tagasi
lols, who is throwing 50 bmg ammo in the river
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 15 tundi tagasi
There’s metal bridge washers they go for the bridge Bolton part of the bridge down
Wyte CTC
Wyte CTC 19 tundi tagasi
What part of ga yall in.. man I wanna do this now lol
Reelin with Remi
Reelin with Remi 20 tundi tagasi
Ya know I’m pretty sure those would be armor piercing rounds because there the only ones that have enough steel in them to grab onty
Sandesh Pawar
Sandesh Pawar Päev tagasi
Clickbaite lol
the yeti yt-
the yeti yt- Päev tagasi
:) nice vid
Shawn Mohansingh
Shawn Mohansingh Päev tagasi
6:17 thats a chocolate fountain
BRAWL TALK Päev tagasi
Petak Danum
Petak Danum Päev tagasi
Redmi Redmi
Redmi Redmi Päev tagasi
Awesome, you are special 🕸️ I'm Thai, not English hahahahaha
Ice Ninja
Ice Ninja 2 päeva tagasi
Jake: “I’m not sure what these were for but...” Bridge: collapses
Legendary Phoenix
Legendary Phoenix 2 päeva tagasi
You know I have a teacher who meet you and he said these words “dude that dude is a jerk, his crew was doing drugs and they parked in the boat ramp” yea and I trust him
Nicholas Menard
Nicholas Menard 2 päeva tagasi
Are you guys in Chicopee
Nicholas Menard
Nicholas Menard 2 päeva tagasi
That is the inside of a revolver
DMV Perch Pounders
DMV Perch Pounders 3 päeva tagasi
This remines me the fishing when dmv lerch opoudner caught the biges fish in the worl it was one thisan pou. D
sixshooter 360
sixshooter 360 3 päeva tagasi
Those are 50 cal probably to a automatic machine gun
Andrew KIng
Andrew KIng 3 päeva tagasi
Why didn’t you sell it
Magnet Fishing World
Magnet Fishing World 4 päeva tagasi
Wow, what a day! Nice work.
Kallum Loarca
Kallum Loarca 4 päeva tagasi
that bullet was a 50cal from a barret
Mythias Mathew
Mythias Mathew 4 päeva tagasi
There’s a difference between a revolver and a pistol
wow 4 päeva tagasi
മലയാളി ഇല്ലേ 🔥
Jenkins Family
Jenkins Family 5 päeva tagasi
I wanna go magnet fishing now and the first thing i find is going on my shelf in my room
DragonKnight195 5 päeva tagasi
That is a 50 cal sniper or 50 cal machine gun
Rockshow719 6 päeva tagasi
ADAM Goldsmith McGarr
ADAM Goldsmith McGarr 6 päeva tagasi
" if you now what these are"...... *me* metal cheezitz
Logan plays
Logan plays 6 päeva tagasi
At 6:00 it looks like a Chocolate fountain thing
Gs friendly Trees MMJ
Gs friendly Trees MMJ 7 päeva tagasi
Those square pieces of metal are used when they built that bridge its used to tie the separate pieces of concrete together
Joshua Lindley
Joshua Lindley 7 päeva tagasi
those kinda look like coins from the past
Ann Hejtmancik Hall
Ann Hejtmancik Hall 7 päeva tagasi
Sinister YT
Sinister YT 8 päeva tagasi
The earrings are from primark 😂😂
Sonia Johnson
Sonia Johnson 8 päeva tagasi
The staking ambulance advisably long because whale mostly murder like a towering temple. , aspiring bowl
CoalCracker Pyro
CoalCracker Pyro 8 päeva tagasi
Cool video💥👍🏻
نينبن نينبن
نينبن نينبن 9 päeva tagasi
Techzilla 9 päeva tagasi
Instead of just throwing it away
Techzilla 9 päeva tagasi
Sell the junk metal you find
Tiffany H
Tiffany H 9 päeva tagasi
Those are big
• Clxudfvl •
• Clxudfvl • 9 päeva tagasi
*Watches video* Me: ooo that seems fun *goes magnet fishing* Also me: looses magnet while doing it
Cindy Davis
Cindy Davis 10 päeva tagasi
You guys are cool people.
Elly Poulin
Elly Poulin 10 päeva tagasi
GrayWolf Airsoft
GrayWolf Airsoft 10 päeva tagasi
Jake the scariest thing about how huh our fishing is seeing the roat tide around your body. If a log, or a huge fish catches that magnet just right, your going straight in the water. Be safe buddy
Jim Bib
Jim Bib 10 päeva tagasi
Those screws are from the bridge that bridge is falling apart
Joanne Barrick
Joanne Barrick 10 päeva tagasi
Josh Wilb
Josh Wilb 10 päeva tagasi
Whats up
antanas jonikas
antanas jonikas 11 päeva tagasi
Jake found face mask Also Jake: its possible murder weapon 😂😂😂
Jace Henry
Jace Henry 11 päeva tagasi
Jace Henry
Jace Henry 11 päeva tagasi
Imagination Land
Imagination Land 11 päeva tagasi
Tor William
Tor William 11 päeva tagasi
You do know you can sell scrap metal right??? Everything has a value.. so turn our great hobby into a profit even tho it's just a little 🙂
Pesa sama
Pesa sama 11 päeva tagasi
I love how you care about wild life
bobsters 211
bobsters 211 11 päeva tagasi
1:44 those are metal cheez itz
Mr Mr
Mr Mr 11 päeva tagasi
I know what those square things are, they are moldy metal cheezits
Reef Metzgar
Reef Metzgar 11 päeva tagasi
That rebar was a murder weapon
BL4CK_BR01 12 päeva tagasi
Someday this man will find an underwater strongholdd
Aidan Smith
Aidan Smith 12 päeva tagasi
Don't wanna be that guy but .50 bmg is technically an anti-material round
Iron Antler Adventures
Iron Antler Adventures 12 päeva tagasi
Great Video those bullets were awesome.
Alfonso Laferttemoreno
Alfonso Laferttemoreno 12 päeva tagasi
Rocking Carnage tv
Rocking Carnage tv 12 päeva tagasi
those plate things you found were anchor plates they were most likely from a concrete structure
Tracy Gross
Tracy Gross 12 päeva tagasi
You have the same magnit my cousin has
SkyTime12 SkyTime12
SkyTime12 SkyTime12 12 päeva tagasi
johnlack25 12 päeva tagasi
Imagine if when they did find the bomb it just blew up when they touched it 0-0
m Pedmar
m Pedmar 12 päeva tagasi
Jake always check out the Lottery tickets for winners. They may have been lost before they were checked out. I found a bundle one time and had a ticket that won $200 for matching a couple of numbers. There are also unclaimed winning tickets all over the US. Good Luck Stay happy, healthy, hydrated and safe. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Trevor’s Carpentry
Trevor’s Carpentry 12 päeva tagasi
1:48 those are square bolt washers I think
windings boi wind
windings boi wind 12 päeva tagasi
rn be like rpg bullets found in a river
Phil Blackburn
Phil Blackburn 12 päeva tagasi
You said there might be a rifle down there I highly doubt there is a 50 caliber rifle down there
I mostly respond In Song Lyrics
I mostly respond In Song Lyrics 13 päeva tagasi
How do you find an browning m2 cloth link with the cloth and bullets still attached
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 13 päeva tagasi
Their metal Cheez-Its
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor 13 päeva tagasi
8:19 he turned the lights on
Dallas Bennett
Dallas Bennett 13 päeva tagasi
That sniper amo was a 50 big ammo
Ziqi gaming and more
Ziqi gaming and more 13 päeva tagasi
That’s a 50 carleeber sinper bullet
Limabean 321
Limabean 321 13 päeva tagasi
Those square things with holes are bread with a bullet through it
Cargo Shorts
Cargo Shorts 13 päeva tagasi
the metal plates are ww2 era cheezits
NORTHRPCAT 13 päeva tagasi
That roll for the revolver is from a 25 magnum
Alfred Steyrer
Alfred Steyrer 14 päeva tagasi
Me : 2021 i want to trow the mask away
Alfred Steyrer
Alfred Steyrer 14 päeva tagasi
Thes metal peases ar to pealt somding
meme royal
meme royal 14 päeva tagasi
The man of the year goes to scuba man
Maitha Alsabt
Maitha Alsabt 14 päeva tagasi
Be careful jake
The Super Cool Man
The Super Cool Man 14 päeva tagasi
thats 50 BMG ammo
Ellis street
Ellis street 14 päeva tagasi
i love you
Vicente Lafuente
Vicente Lafuente 14 päeva tagasi
The bullets are 50 call bmg maybe frome a m2 browning machine gun
Grand Master Mawile
Grand Master Mawile 14 päeva tagasi
I have a neodymium magnet that I wanna start using for magnet fishing in salt water. Can I use froglube on it to prevent rust? I also heard that ATF and Ballistol are also good alternatives.
Galaxy wolf
Galaxy wolf 14 päeva tagasi
It goes to Barrett sniper
Galaxy wolf
Galaxy wolf 14 päeva tagasi
Is that the 50 cal round
Savage Shane
Savage Shane 14 päeva tagasi
The boards are for 50 cal but there is a chain gun that takes 50 cal to and that might be what the chains are for
Kee Woods
Kee Woods 14 päeva tagasi
longhorne1096 14 päeva tagasi
Not sniper ammunition it lookes like 50 cal machine gun bullets
my fortnight name is elkemado1234
my fortnight name is elkemado1234 14 päeva tagasi
Don the gamers zone
Don the gamers zone 14 päeva tagasi
Love from PAKISTAN
Gavin Anderson
Gavin Anderson 14 päeva tagasi
2:14 “cool diamond earring bro” Buy that in the shop for 2$
redstonecold 15 päeva tagasi
This man is the reason people are going to stop throwing guns into rivers
นริศรา แสนนรินทร์
นริศรา แสนนรินทร์ 15 päeva tagasi
PferdeLasagne 15 päeva tagasi
Its not a Bomb, its a Mortar Shell
beth smith
beth smith 15 päeva tagasi
Keep doing what ur doing I luv ur vids
Mooneyham Mafia
Mooneyham Mafia 15 päeva tagasi
He said a revolver to a pistol😂🤣 revolvers and pistols are two different things
Gabriel Emerson
Gabriel Emerson 15 päeva tagasi
Damn, I think those are .50 cal. rounds.
melanie cote
melanie cote 15 päeva tagasi
Jett Mcnamer
Jett Mcnamer 15 päeva tagasi
I’ve been subbed for months but I just forgot to what he your vids sorry
Collin XD
Collin XD 15 päeva tagasi
The Spinney thing you found is a revolver chamber
Recontinued 15 päeva tagasi
1:41 *Those are metal cheez itz*
Speaker Boy442
Speaker Boy442 15 päeva tagasi
Those are 50. Cal bullets
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