Found Death Wishes in a Bottle While Scuba Diving! (Voodoo)

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Video filmed and edited by Joseph Talerico -
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and EEpostr w/ 10,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on EEpost!
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You WILL NOT Believe What I Found in These Bottles! (SCUBA DIVING)

DALLMYD 5 місяців tagasi
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Mehmet Şirin
Mehmet Şirin 13 päeva tagasi
Egmond Jr Molina
Egmond Jr Molina 14 päeva tagasi
87 inch Videos
87 inch Videos 19 päeva tagasi
Cool Lighting effects!
Someone 25 päeva tagasi
Loona's pet
Loona's pet Місяць tagasi
You look like a shark UwU
edgars eduards
edgars eduards 20 tundi tagasi
one of the knives had a text i killed a lot of are next. and that is it
NOISYKUJO Alt 3 päeva tagasi
5:41 thats a cool effect wait is it fish
Hype Driftz
Hype Driftz 3 päeva tagasi
It said I wish there to be no power in the state of Georgia
Amy Christian
Amy Christian 4 päeva tagasi
I only got the words No power in Of Georgia At the end i got letters E D Y F M Y
minde blown
minde blown 5 päeva tagasi
man please put my fuking death whise bottel back
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 5 päeva tagasi
love the editing great job
ELA RAAM 5 päeva tagasi
Bink Cloudy
Bink Cloudy 6 päeva tagasi
Nice edits Jake keep it up ur fan-JACOB
Kylie Hua
Kylie Hua 6 päeva tagasi
All I say was charge and I wish on the note
Julian Kontoff
Julian Kontoff 6 päeva tagasi
I disagree with everyone, I love the lighting effects. It makes the dimly lit underwater scene less bland, and more exciting
ianjcross 7 päeva tagasi
I like the edit
Bailey O'Donnell
Bailey O'Donnell 9 päeva tagasi
I love how ur stuff glows up! Pls make more vids like this,ur only doing shark tooth finding usually.
Ashley McKiel
Ashley McKiel 10 päeva tagasi
Can we take a few seconds to jake and his friends for not taking his time for us and not taking all the stuff like iPhones
Adam Huber
Adam Huber 11 päeva tagasi
Gnarly scar bro
louiegames 11 päeva tagasi
Is anybody going to talk about the weird lighting effects that he put in on Jake's gloves, knife and the stuff he finds?? Not a hate comment but just sayin'
arina arti
arina arti 11 päeva tagasi
Yes I did not know that he was going on a ocean
Suzette Hill
Suzette Hill 11 päeva tagasi
Suzette Hill
Suzette Hill 11 päeva tagasi
I like that little broken phone hello thing I actually like that
Garrett Parker
Garrett Parker 11 päeva tagasi
It’s a death wish
Abdrhman2008 Suliman
Abdrhman2008 Suliman 12 päeva tagasi
This is magic don't touch I swear,
sskkrrtt 01
sskkrrtt 01 12 päeva tagasi
Next time when you found that kind voodoo stuf destroy it and burn it
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 12 päeva tagasi
Loved the edits man
Ahmad .A
Ahmad .A 12 päeva tagasi
the one work I can make out on that paper around the knife is wish
BArt Fuller
BArt Fuller 12 päeva tagasi
sum idiots
sum idiots 13 päeva tagasi
I am confused why he opened the bottles underwater
Mehmet Şirin
Mehmet Şirin 13 päeva tagasi
Nidhwin P S
Nidhwin P S 13 päeva tagasi
That's some cool lighting
Shadow Apet2
Shadow Apet2 13 päeva tagasi
Can we talk about thoses edits tho
Skaters Edits
Skaters Edits 13 päeva tagasi
Amanda Taylor
Amanda Taylor 14 päeva tagasi
I love your videos
Kimmy W
Kimmy W 14 päeva tagasi
What did the other knife notes say? All I saw was "Superior court" and "all charges" "power in me" "reverse" "I wish"
XanderOnCP 15 päeva tagasi
Who ever reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong. Not for likes just trying to spread the word of God to people..🙏❤❤
Savannah Rioux
Savannah Rioux 15 päeva tagasi
Suicide notes
A Travel vlog
A Travel vlog 16 päeva tagasi
How did u get that effect
Jimmy Wood
Jimmy Wood 16 päeva tagasi
My dad abuses me every day
Jackson Ledford
Jackson Ledford 16 päeva tagasi
The person who he wanted to hurt and there bio
carno551 16 päeva tagasi
please dont do the light efects it hurts my eyes so i would really apresat it
Furious BearGaming
Furious BearGaming 16 päeva tagasi
What are those blue lights edited around things supposed to be
Itz_thomasyt gaming
Itz_thomasyt gaming 17 päeva tagasi
He rote that he wants to die cause most likely family issues cause I saw family in it before it g9 ripped apart
Presenting lacie
Presenting lacie 17 päeva tagasi
Why do his gloves and everything light up
Brooke Wood
Brooke Wood 17 päeva tagasi
It was a death wish I think
Journey Dornblaser
Journey Dornblaser 17 päeva tagasi
i rot that in the bodol if i did i wad be died rit know
Troy Cassell
Troy Cassell 17 päeva tagasi
What happened to your arm?
Melissa Nadeau
Melissa Nadeau 17 päeva tagasi
I think it was for killing people
Maxpb tv
Maxpb tv 17 päeva tagasi
Jake is the best nicest youtuber I ever saw
Angela L
Angela L 18 päeva tagasi
yeah thats so rad human body parts and weapon that people killed with wtf
Gamemode Cool boy
Gamemode Cool boy 18 päeva tagasi
I like the cool affect s when he found something
Hanna Holmström
Hanna Holmström 18 päeva tagasi
what is that blue thing that gomes all the time
Ahmed Kamal
Ahmed Kamal 18 päeva tagasi
u gotta set those papers to fires and free that robe around the knife so that magic is cracked and corrupted otherwise it will still active
Lilly Fulwell
Lilly Fulwell 18 päeva tagasi
On the bottle it said "I wish" and "you doubt" that's as much as I could make out
Daniel 18 päeva tagasi
I like the edits
R4ID3R PLAY3Z 19 päeva tagasi
2055:Scuba diving in the Bermuda Triangle
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday 19 päeva tagasi
What happened to your arm
Xzen Yonu
Xzen Yonu 19 päeva tagasi
Can we appreciate how much trash they pick up They are helping the environment
Pro_Peace 19 päeva tagasi
Did he said the F word 4:24
Brendynn Carrige
Brendynn Carrige 19 päeva tagasi
The bottle with knifes mean that they ware going to kill them selves with thar crewmates cuse they wonted to be excepted by thare god
jackyaboi collo
jackyaboi collo 19 päeva tagasi
I love u jake
Hamayau Nazam
Hamayau Nazam 19 päeva tagasi
Urm can someone please explain to me what voodoo is 🤔
Aliyudin Tsakib
Aliyudin Tsakib 19 päeva tagasi
wow i like it
mj murugan
mj murugan 20 päeva tagasi
Hi sir i am form India i am u r big big big big big fan sir
Sophie Mercier
Sophie Mercier 20 päeva tagasi
Why were they lights when he found things
James Handling
James Handling 20 päeva tagasi
I fell like Jake wouldn’t open something that isn’t his The glass bottle
Bertram Frimand
Bertram Frimand 20 päeva tagasi
why do he remind me so much of Wall-E?
Shane Pramudya
Shane Pramudya 20 päeva tagasi
Dam the effect that when he touch something is really cool
BigAcorn Lavafla
BigAcorn Lavafla 20 päeva tagasi
Do you take the bottles/jars to the police?? I would’ve definitely taken the one with all the knives to the police...
Aaron Prestwood
Aaron Prestwood 20 päeva tagasi
what is that blue lights
Jasmine Sainsbury
Jasmine Sainsbury 20 päeva tagasi
I love the little edits
Karim Al zobeidy
Karim Al zobeidy 20 päeva tagasi
It said I wish I grow and it had power in one of the sentences
Cookie Moonlight!
Cookie Moonlight! 20 päeva tagasi
StikDev 20 päeva tagasi
tbh i thought DALLMYD was pronounced dally mid lol
MJ P 20 päeva tagasi
Sick editing
Ghostriderkj 21 päev tagasi
You’re editor is really good lol
xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx
xX Ramen Shiba Studios Xx 21 päev tagasi
Do not tell me this man just opened a hex. I hope the person who made it isn't suffering or vice versa.
Sahib Singh
Sahib Singh 21 päev tagasi
Those glasses are not to shadee get it
palu fonua
palu fonua 21 päev tagasi
Jakes probaly one of the best divers because he has time to clean rivers,lakes,oceans
Emerald Maxcraft
Emerald Maxcraft 21 päev tagasi
*The most fun and exciting part about scuba diving is finding all this cool stuff like human remains and murder weopons*
Offbeat Groove
Offbeat Groove 21 päev tagasi
The lights disturb me and it does not look right
FoxxerAndFriends 21 päev tagasi
Editor: how many effects should I do? Him: YES
Chris Huebel
Chris Huebel 21 päev tagasi
Why is it light up
Madisen Armenti
Madisen Armenti 21 päev tagasi
Honestly, the lighting effects are sick and could really help guide creatives into making shorts with this underwater and AR/VR futurism type of theme. Really cool!
jhyxツک 21 päev tagasi
6:26 press if you want to skip to the best bit
phill brown
phill brown 21 päev tagasi
I hate his editing
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 21 päev tagasi
How would finding an iPhone even be lucky? It would clearly be beyond restoration right and even if it could I would assume the restoration would cost more than the phone.
Xxangel_blockyxX angel
Xxangel_blockyxX angel 22 päeva tagasi
My dad friend catch a big catfish and when his home and i play with the catfish i call him cat and got secfices by my uncle
Amay Jpm
Amay Jpm 22 päeva tagasi
thatboi_ven desrosiers
thatboi_ven desrosiers 22 päeva tagasi
HEY JAKE you got a scar what happend?
Emichu 22 päeva tagasi
Oooo thxs for the advice yo now I'm safe from hackers and other people
Tiffany Nolan
Tiffany Nolan 22 päeva tagasi
Jake:taking knife out Me:One of these times he’s gonna cut himself
Godzilla Gamer
Godzilla Gamer 22 päeva tagasi
DALLMYD: Gnarly things like human remains. Me:WTH Sorry I don’t know his real name I did but forgot writing this comment
sword0115 22 päeva tagasi
"There are other COOL things to find like human remains and murder weapons" Yep that's really cool....
Emmanuel Gallo
Emmanuel Gallo 22 päeva tagasi
Those objects went ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
1 2
1 2 22 päeva tagasi
tigertank909 23 päeva tagasi
my ? is how are cat fish scary
SAAD ALI 23 päeva tagasi
6:35 It's magic that's dangerous
LeAnna’s Country Kitchen
LeAnna’s Country Kitchen 24 päeva tagasi
Yeah finding human remains is fun
Caleb Fagundo
Caleb Fagundo 24 päeva tagasi
Why were the objects lighting up?
True Hockey
True Hockey 24 päeva tagasi
Your great bro 😎🤘🏼🤿
Way Lingaw sa Kinabuhi
Way Lingaw sa Kinabuhi 24 päeva tagasi
6:11 what the hell is that thing doing there?
Brad Ingram
Brad Ingram 25 päeva tagasi
That election is cool
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