I Found a Drug Lab! (Police Investigate)

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I Found a Drug Lab! (Police Called) eepost.info/my/video/t2-KooGjlJZm22o.html

DALLMYD 7 місяців tagasi
Download State of Survival Now using my link patron.me/dallmydSOS. You will also enter our giveaway automatically. Use my code dallmydsos to claim an in-game starter pack, and we will choose 30 people to win $50 Amazon gift cards. Please check the details of the giveaways: bit.ly/2OPYZdH #ad
Prophet Google
Prophet Google 2 місяці tagasi
It’s a weed lab
Tyler Gordon
Tyler Gordon 3 місяці tagasi
@Jefri Silaban did
Brandon Harrold
Brandon Harrold 6 місяців tagasi
I've played state of survival and it looks absolutely nothing like the video you showed
Stellarlight 6 місяців tagasi
I do think it's good that you wore gloves for two reasons one safety and two to keep from cantiminating anything the police could use.
Reyan Monasterio
Reyan Monasterio 6 місяців tagasi
DALLMYD why did u blur it out?
Madd Genome
Madd Genome Päev tagasi
Keep some of the buckets for his “fossils”
Dkaio Päev tagasi
Dang. Drug lab. Unless it’s a dead body I’ll never call the police.
guming it
guming it 2 päeva tagasi
of course it's Florida
Jake hager
Jake hager 6 päeva tagasi
Someone just dumped all their shit when police got hot
Howard Minkler
Howard Minkler 8 päeva tagasi
Its just pot
Random Ska - Rumble Flingier
Random Ska - Rumble Flingier 8 päeva tagasi
Cartels use that stuff still. Not normal people ! Those dangerous pot heads!🌴
Joshua Lindley
Joshua Lindley 8 päeva tagasi
i think i have that oitment for babys
*Redacted* 8 päeva tagasi
2:50 As soon as I heard those chemicals I said "is a drug lab" and my dad (law enforcement for like 16 yrs idk tbh) said "The f**l it is"
Noriega Delena
Noriega Delena 9 päeva tagasi
The synonymous windshield rheologically launch because waiter classically request modulo a crazy cherry. faded, complex editor
ToTAlLy vEriFied
ToTAlLy vEriFied 10 päeva tagasi
They where growing babies
J Bunny
J Bunny 10 päeva tagasi
The drug dealers punching the air right now
Julius 03
Julius 03 11 päeva tagasi
Good way to hide your business
Leigh Cortez
Leigh Cortez 11 päeva tagasi
Jake: we found a drug lab on the side of the road Florida man: TF you doing in my house
MaturedWolf Xbox Name
MaturedWolf Xbox Name 11 päeva tagasi
Don't worry I only drugged cats
andrea andrea
andrea andrea 12 päeva tagasi
Jake became FBI at this point
Ellieott Hawley vlogs
Ellieott Hawley vlogs 12 päeva tagasi
Gary Nokes
Gary Nokes 12 päeva tagasi
Chris and Kyle ayy Chris kyle
adorz 13 päeva tagasi
😭5:15 y'all hear that
Jace Robinson
Jace Robinson 14 päeva tagasi
911 is this an emergency Jake No 911 hi jake another gun
Jonew Conneh
Jonew Conneh 14 päeva tagasi
weed farm
KBlues 15 päeva tagasi
Aye this man only snitches
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 15 päeva tagasi
what a waste of buckets.. thats like 3 iron each! smh its a mc joke btw just saying dont hate me i like minecraft i started playing for atleast 8 years
Franklinn Potato
Franklinn Potato 15 päeva tagasi
4:18 2016 (or 2015) vibes?!?
Sweaty Moti on PS4
Sweaty Moti on PS4 15 päeva tagasi
Sweaty Moti on PS4
Sweaty Moti on PS4 15 päeva tagasi
any meth for me?
Bailey Gouthro
Bailey Gouthro 16 päeva tagasi
i was kinda expecting meth or something .... ahahahha not weed
Anthony Byars
Anthony Byars 16 päeva tagasi
I was wondering what happened to my stuff.
w e ¡ r d c o r e
w e ¡ r d c o r e 16 päeva tagasi
*the deer in heaven when he heard him say “I thought it was potential human remains: 👁👄👁*
Cody Homer
Cody Homer 16 päeva tagasi
Should of sold the buckets or given them to people who needed them for works etc
krish Mahajan
krish Mahajan 16 päeva tagasi
that coco thing is fertilizer
Normac 07
Normac 07 17 päeva tagasi
the teens who left they're lab behind watching this vid "them my mom went sandal."
Austin Hunt
Austin Hunt 18 päeva tagasi
The glass on the lightbulb at 5:12 looks like it expanded from extreme heat (such as a meth lab explosion)
drxpxoxo 18 päeva tagasi
“Roses are dead" “Violets are dying" “Outside i’m smiling" “But inside i’m crying😭 "I just wish people would notice my content
Kenzie Klaus
Kenzie Klaus 18 päeva tagasi
I feel like they should just have his number saved 😂😂😂😂😂
Jami skve
Jami skve 18 päeva tagasi
Imagine being a drug dealer and getting found by youtubers
Škeljo 18 päeva tagasi
Inst that a guy that plays rocket league
no u
no u 18 päeva tagasi
I like bucket
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson 18 päeva tagasi
What is a drug lab
aying 77
aying 77 19 päeva tagasi
Jake: calls police Police: how may i help you Jake: hi my name is jake- Police: ok tell us where is the place sir we will call the swat team
Tom Moutsios
Tom Moutsios 19 päeva tagasi
next video will be: ms 13 ia trying to traack me down and they have my family and they are asking for 1 million dolars
JessenLH 19 päeva tagasi
Jaden Rachynski
Jaden Rachynski 19 päeva tagasi
Omg was cringing at the thought of him playing with potential evidence before he called the po lice
SewageSauce_26 19 päeva tagasi
He has solved millions of criminal cases on accident
Crystal Tay Siew Chin
Crystal Tay Siew Chin 20 päeva tagasi
We found a drug lab The thumbnail
Zak Feather
Zak Feather 20 päeva tagasi
Woah what it this I think it a drug lab and now onto our sponsors grammarly
DAlovecowboi 20 päeva tagasi
I like how he finds this stuff and then he starts recording. Robber: "HANDS UP!" Jake: hold on, I need to set my stand up.
snakYT 20 päeva tagasi
There growing weed baby’s
Sara Hogan
Sara Hogan 20 päeva tagasi
I would’ve just left the stuff down there
FoxxerAndFriends 20 päeva tagasi
Blursed Treasure
Prism Master
Prism Master 20 päeva tagasi
Maybe some dedicated kid was tryin to do a good science project, like growing beans or something
Wozza1725 20 päeva tagasi
plot twist it was his lab and this is his way of getting rid off it
Gamer Shawn
Gamer Shawn 20 päeva tagasi
State of survival (need to remeber game while I watch the video)
liam mercer
liam mercer 21 päev tagasi
phosphorous is used in making methamphitamine to my knowledge
Kid Thongchan
Kid Thongchan 21 päev tagasi
hes so comfortable with the cops that one day he could be a witness to a murder and would know everything that happened
Danger Cat
Danger Cat 21 päev tagasi
At this point I bet that The police just expect to get calls from them every so often
Chris 21 päev tagasi
Its a home made sunbed officer
Tanner Peake
Tanner Peake 21 päev tagasi
Thoes giant light bulds look like they belong to a sun lamp
Marcelo Villagomez Diaz
Marcelo Villagomez Diaz 21 päev tagasi
Cody Coduction
Cody Coduction 22 päeva tagasi
Bro it’s Florida of course there’s drug lab
Master Jacaboi
Master Jacaboi 22 päeva tagasi
dude anyone who has any experiance with weed growing the second they pulled out the light bulb and oil they should have known that it was a weed op
Tyler Moody
Tyler Moody 22 päeva tagasi
Somebody was elaborately growing hot peppers
Armando Jones
Armando Jones 23 päeva tagasi
What kind of drugs? (asking for a friend)
Aiden Amely
Aiden Amely 23 päeva tagasi
Next video: i found a pound of crack cocaine in a river
Mixed Culture
Mixed Culture 26 päeva tagasi
Guy in weeki wachee/Spring Hill watching this right now is shitting bricks 😂
Vicki McFall
Vicki McFall 26 päeva tagasi
way to go!
Christian SMITHMYER 26 päeva tagasi
The police"well investigate it" one hour later "that's some good shit"
Christian SMITHMYER 26 päeva tagasi
Some narr
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor 28 päeva tagasi
Those stupid cicadas
Kyle Orr
Kyle Orr 29 päeva tagasi
Bbwwwaaaahahahaha!! this cracked me up ... Americans see this stuff and call it a drug lab and call police ... now myself, a Canadian see all that stuff and laugh cause that wouldn't even grow a couple pounds a month ... if they see my grows they would call me a kingpin drug lord cause I grow few hundred pounds a month ... lmfao!! still love the channel but c'mon...
INturbalent Tj
INturbalent Tj 29 päeva tagasi
That ain't no drugs lab... Those are use nutrienta chemicals to used to grow marijuana 😑. It most likely dumped there after used.
ROBO RYLAN Місяць tagasi
5:05 or 6:34 - me when i finally figure out the math problem
Esteban Moreno
Esteban Moreno Місяць tagasi
It was a criminal baby case closed
Kei Tsukishima
Kei Tsukishima Місяць tagasi
When your subscribed to the Literal King of Scuba Diving-
Miles&Abram Foss
Miles&Abram Foss Місяць tagasi
It is so amazing how you find all of this stuff that could be involved in a crime and I hope the police appreciate the work you are doing to find all that stuff
cato berry
cato berry Місяць tagasi
Check the aquafor
Takács Zsolt
Takács Zsolt Місяць tagasi
best alibi for Jake who got the cannabis business out😝
Nya nya the neko god
Nya nya the neko god Місяць tagasi
boss baby :thonk:
Steve Polipo
Steve Polipo Місяць tagasi
Have you found a tank?
chloe c
chloe c Місяць tagasi
SIR imma ask u to stop finding bad things before my mum starts to not belive this 🤣 and im a very big fan i been watching u sfrom when i was 6-7 and im 12 now
Josefa G
Josefa G 21 päev tagasi
Same but im 13
izzy s
izzy s Місяць tagasi
they seem so calm like i would be screaming and calling the police
Melanie b Stone
Melanie b Stone Місяць tagasi
Love the guy with long hair . ✌He smokes MJ or more likley eats the edibles. 👊👊
Madisyn Carr
Madisyn Carr Місяць tagasi
i am just joking but i think its a baby whos selling and growing drugs and selling them to other babies lol ilysm
SparxSo Місяць tagasi
Ghost Leviathan
Ghost Leviathan Місяць tagasi
Omg ur name is D all mighty I just learned that
Andrew Big Red
Andrew Big Red Місяць tagasi
Them: *Calls the Police constantly* Me (if I dug up or went out looking for this stuff): *Would have an officer assigned to my group while we're there. Or a U.S. Marshall*
Nicole Myers
Nicole Myers Місяць tagasi
Aquaphor can also be used to help heal tattoos, it helps with dry skin and some of the itching.
Tannia Dunn
Tannia Dunn Місяць tagasi
0:38 a bomb 💣
stephen farrell
stephen farrell Місяць tagasi
that was a high quality grow room right there
Gogle Sucks
Gogle Sucks Місяць tagasi
if they growin weed they must be makin some rosin with them bukets
Offical H3ROB0y YOU MUFFINS! Місяць tagasi
Tehh Voxie
Tehh Voxie Місяць tagasi
Tbh lucky u ain’t get shot
Roman Reinis
Roman Reinis Місяць tagasi
I found a cat skeleton in a bag in my backyard
Jessica gray
Jessica gray Місяць tagasi
Florida is my home state, where I was hatched. My heart and soul thanks you guys for what you do.and cleaning the messes you find up.i know there's jewels in heaven for you guys .thank you many blessing I pray for you guys.THANK YOU
Laila Parsons
Laila Parsons Місяць tagasi
Us: Living normally Jake: Ight so ive found a bomb, plenty of murder weapons, a drug lab, hbu?
fatma canlı
fatma canlı Місяць tagasi
Cori Bush
Carlos Solis
Carlos Solis Місяць tagasi
Walter white would like your location
BAGEL BOY 2008 Місяць tagasi
Dang Scooba gear is looking different these days.
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey Місяць tagasi
i hope you took the light ballasts to the scrap yard. they're full of copper
Tulisa Tait
Tulisa Tait Місяць tagasi
Hi I love u vides And you Girlfriend and dog Treasure and you and you freends Brandon
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