I Found Something Unbelievable in a DRAINED RIVER

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Today I search a drained river for lost valuables with my dog Treasure!
My dogs merch, some of the proceeds go to help other dogs in need. bit.ly/3dNQk67
Dive mask I use to film diving videos: bit.ly/30gxjW2
Video filmed and edited by Joseph Talerico - bit.ly/2WSECRs
Have you lost something underwater and would like for me to find? Send me an email describing what you lost, when you lost this item and also how long ago you lost it. Please keep in mind I receive a lot of emails. Only send an email if you truly need my help. Email me at: FindMyLostValuables@yahoo.com
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and EEpostr w/ 10,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on EEpost!
Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok
Instagram: DALLMYD
Twitter: DALLMYD
Send me something in the mail!
My PO Box
P.O. Box 211
Phenix City, Alabama 36868-0211
Have any questions? Feel free to email me anytime! I'm open to discussing about collaborations, sponsorships, product reviews and more! Email: dallmyd@nightmedia.co
#RiverTreasure #ScubaDiving #DALLMYD #ScubaJake
I Found Something Unbelievable in a DRAINED RIVER eepost.info/my/video/2HB6naWTeYl_zZk.html

DALLMYD 5 місяців tagasi
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Tarek Johnson
Tarek Johnson 14 päeva tagasi
I love you
Angel Arizmendi
Angel Arizmendi 2 місяці tagasi
Cheyanne Wiesner
Cheyanne Wiesner 2 місяці tagasi
Have you ever found a car in one of ur vids
James Plays
James Plays 3 місяці tagasi
@Ann-Margret Cochran thx
Ann-Margret Cochran
Ann-Margret Cochran 3 місяці tagasi
@James Plays uh, German shepherd
JJ The Flerkin
JJ The Flerkin 13 tundi tagasi
This man is too good for this world.
Derrick Nilson
Derrick Nilson 2 päeva tagasi
You could make some money from those cans if you brought them to a recycling center!
Ahlora Kelly
Ahlora Kelly 3 päeva tagasi
Hey dallmyd you missed two things I saw a phone and a gun and scissors so yea
Steven Collins
Steven Collins 4 päeva tagasi
How do you have 900 dislikes. He's a great lad
Lps Moonlight
Lps Moonlight 4 päeva tagasi
Jake: carful treasure! Treasure: hops in water*
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez 4 päeva tagasi
3:26 you see His dog tired in the back
Gh0st 5 päeva tagasi
You’re a good dude 🤙 sending love from TN
Steve Buddle
Steve Buddle 7 päeva tagasi
Were you in the military
Kelly C
Kelly C 7 päeva tagasi
I wonder if dude ever gets skin infections from icky water?
Jessica Francoeur Curtright
Jessica Francoeur Curtright 7 päeva tagasi
Can I call you dally for short
Jessica Francoeur Curtright
Jessica Francoeur Curtright 7 päeva tagasi
P.s. you’re lucky to have survived such and accident and still be making videos you are the best person ever and EEpostr
Jessica Francoeur Curtright
Jessica Francoeur Curtright 7 päeva tagasi
Dally me love the vids keep it up
Raven 368
Raven 368 8 päeva tagasi
Jake: Carful Treasure Treasure: *splash splash*
Robert Schmitz
Robert Schmitz 9 päeva tagasi
Love your dog
D M 9 päeva tagasi
Female German Shepherds are the best Jake. They are more loyal and more protective than males. Good choice. She still a puppy?
Mathew Steklenev
Mathew Steklenev 10 päeva tagasi
Good job,you are a real caring person who cares for the environment.Keep up the good work.
Tracey M
Tracey M 10 päeva tagasi
I will never understand why people think it is ok to litter! You are one awesome guy to be picking up trash as well as treasure!
Justin LeBlanc
Justin LeBlanc 12 päeva tagasi
hey whats with the scar on your shoulder
Cindy L
Cindy L 12 päeva tagasi
Did you pull up the fishing line? That would be a great thing to remove from the water.
Jac bot
Jac bot 13 päeva tagasi
who else saw that shoe in the water
lafreckles66 13 päeva tagasi
Love how you have fun. Awesome
Samantha Valadez
Samantha Valadez 14 päeva tagasi
I love how he is so humble and he laughs 😅
Tarek Johnson
Tarek Johnson 14 päeva tagasi
I love you
666toysoldier 15 päeva tagasi
You should remove ALL fishing line.
Phil Mitchell
Phil Mitchell 16 päeva tagasi
Your so happy about everything bro haha
J Hollander
J Hollander 16 päeva tagasi
What the entro music
Jen Dodd
Jen Dodd 16 päeva tagasi
I love your dog he’s so cute
Debbie W.
Debbie W. 18 päeva tagasi
Put on some gloves honey. You could cut a tendon. Serious. Love what you are doing and your dog is special!
Juli McGrath
Juli McGrath 18 päeva tagasi
When you went underwater I was so excited since the water wasn’t as murky
WestNotBest 18 päeva tagasi
I just love how jake is always laughing and smiling it just made my day 😊❤️❤️
Beverly Lehmann
Beverly Lehmann 18 päeva tagasi
They should come to Minnesota and see if they can find anything in all of our lakes I found some pretty amazing things in our lakes
Beverly Lehmann
Beverly Lehmann 18 päeva tagasi
I love the dog it is so cute
Kawan AR
Kawan AR 19 päeva tagasi
Me too
[enter name]
[enter name] 19 päeva tagasi
When the thumbnail is just him tryna get girls...
James Dyer
James Dyer 19 päeva tagasi
Your dog is so cute 🥰
J Fam
J Fam 19 päeva tagasi
We need more people like this on the earth
Brayden Gray
Brayden Gray 19 päeva tagasi
I would be scared to swim in that water for some reason you never know what you would find!!!! But I really love your channel you are the one I watch a lot.
TYLAH REIGNS 19 päeva tagasi
yal remember when his videos randomly popped up all over youtube. now look at me excited to see him find coins in river 🤣🤣 I regret nothing!
Ski nior
Ski nior 20 päeva tagasi
Podziwiam i jednocześnie zazdroszczę , tu gdzie mieszkam , jest to nie możliwe i to nie dlatego że nie ma puszek :)
connor Emerson
connor Emerson 20 päeva tagasi
Omg I found a phone it's a murder weapon
Rylee Scott
Rylee Scott 21 päev tagasi
thiis is the best find of the day ¨ OMG it's a DIME¨ at 4:51
A Pig
A Pig 21 päev tagasi
doggo look so innocent
Crystal 22 päeva tagasi
You missed a phone at 6.09
Maddox Raynen Flauta
Maddox Raynen Flauta 22 päeva tagasi
This guy is my such a good EEpostr
Chocky Choco Pals
Chocky Choco Pals 22 päeva tagasi
Me: **watches normally** My sister: **sees all the trash Jake pulls out** My sister again: **points at the screen and yells: "Whoever did that should be ashamed!!"**
Arleth Hernandez
Arleth Hernandez 22 päeva tagasi
This guy is absolutely amazing he is helping the environment every time he goes in the water
Top Hat man
Top Hat man 22 päeva tagasi
Treasure is so cute ☺️
Ashton Fraley
Ashton Fraley 23 päeva tagasi
Jake please don't ever go cave dicing
ron kistner
ron kistner 23 päeva tagasi
yopu taslk so fast yit sounds like foreighn language
sabi_tes DOGE
sabi_tes DOGE 24 päeva tagasi
Can you found dinosaur bone?😆
The wild adventure
The wild adventure 24 päeva tagasi
That trash was really unbelievable Jake. You said unbelievable. I saw nothing unbelievable
Ted miles
Ted miles 25 päeva tagasi
Thank you for cleaning up the eater ways. Would be nice if others helped, even by not throwing their trash there.
Danielle Garrow
Danielle Garrow 25 päeva tagasi
He swims in that river because he knows what it means to protect our environment
reel2real fishing
reel2real fishing 28 päeva tagasi
The world needs more people like you bro!! Inspirational 👍👍
30547etris Місяць tagasi
How is your shoulder doing ?
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover Місяць tagasi
Did you know I fish at that river all the time with my dad
meeka meeka
meeka meeka Місяць tagasi
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler Місяць tagasi
The questionable taxicab partially hook because laura optionally trip forenenst a black repair. organic, wiggly dancer
Filip Steopan
Filip Steopan Місяць tagasi
Treasure is so cute
Olivia Young
Olivia Young Місяць tagasi
I love how nice he is and so positive all the time, he’s a great guy keep it up!
jimhsan1 Місяць tagasi
You're doing a good deed to clean up that drained river bed. BUT if you're on a Pacific beach and the water starts to drain away revealing all sorts of stuff, don't scavenge anything-run like hell, find highest ground, and warn everyone. When the ocean draws away from the shore, it's going SOMEWHERE-likely into a tsunami, a wall of deadly water up to 50 feet high that will destroy everything. You might see it at the horizon and hear a rumbling.
Offical H3ROB0y YOU MUFFINS! Місяць tagasi
I thought he found a lost stray dog in the river Oh it’s just his pen nevermind
Spenceli77 Місяць tagasi
Great video, keep being awsome and helping our environment🙏xxx
Isobel Dowling
Isobel Dowling Місяць tagasi
I found a phone and a tablet in a lack and a gun
Isobel Dowling
Isobel Dowling Місяць tagasi
He is good because he is saving the planet 😁
Markyes Higgins
Markyes Higgins Місяць tagasi
I love watching humble things like this. Nothing wild just being you. I love that.
sandra Місяць tagasi
The outro music always makes me happy
BaileyPlayz Місяць tagasi
Omg i remember when you found a TV in this river i was like Omg gish
Anjali Місяць tagasi
6.11 there is a phone is it?
MoonLight_Shiverz Місяць tagasi
He must bath so many times a week
Sarah Caynor
Sarah Caynor Місяць tagasi
You past 2 iphones.😀
Katherine Matilainen
Katherine Matilainen Місяць tagasi
What happened to the dime? Where is the dog when you go under water?
GrimeEU Місяць tagasi
Keep going bro, love ur vids, been following you for a few years
HyperLuke16 Місяць tagasi
I Love Dog and also I like how are youGood scuba diving
PeWee ツ
PeWee ツ Місяць tagasi
Who else though the shells were coins 😂
Shadow Flare09
Shadow Flare09 Місяць tagasi
Your dog is sooooooo cute 🥺
Jacqueline Mataj
Jacqueline Mataj Місяць tagasi
He is such a good guy I love how he cleans our world 🌎❤️.
Beatrice Williams
Beatrice Williams Місяць tagasi
by the thumbnail a spiderjake 🤣🤣
Gloria Bonardelli
Gloria Bonardelli Місяць tagasi
You guys are awesome ty for what you do!
Julee Rowley
Julee Rowley Місяць tagasi
The dog chilling out on the side...thinking that hooman is very odd 😬
Christine Berry
Christine Berry Місяць tagasi
Hope you got the dime out!
TyTyGaming Місяць tagasi
First of all I thought I found the dog
Angelique Bruwer
Angelique Bruwer Місяць tagasi
monty 2020
monty 2020 Місяць tagasi
Treasure has grown a lot
Myles Koivisto
Myles Koivisto Місяць tagasi
Treasure is so cute❤️ I luv ur vids!!❤️
Peerino YT
Peerino YT Місяць tagasi
It’s very cool of you , that you’re cleaning the River👍🙃
Robin Killinger
Robin Killinger Місяць tagasi
Anybody knows where I can get a trash bag like his?
Heather Shifflett
Heather Shifflett Місяць tagasi
I did
Angel Arizmendi
Angel Arizmendi 2 місяці tagasi
Carson Marinelli
Carson Marinelli 2 місяці tagasi
I loved this video
Ashley G
Ashley G 2 місяці tagasi
You should start a golf ball collection
Autumn Randozzo
Autumn Randozzo 2 місяці tagasi
i have a dog thats a jerman sheperd like treasure
tracey rennie
tracey rennie 2 місяці tagasi
What happened to your arm?💩
noufan madrista
noufan madrista 2 місяці tagasi
5:35 human body
fearbeart 2 місяці tagasi
What is teh bread of treasure
gypsyrose1958 2 місяці tagasi
Whoa, man. You need to slow down. I can hardly understand you, you talk so fast. Lol
Hannah Bosworth
Hannah Bosworth 2 місяці tagasi
OMG love ur dog, so beautiful ☺️
Kristin Mann
Kristin Mann 2 місяці tagasi
Love how excited you are to clean up. Thank you for caring.
Karen Cooper
Karen Cooper 2 місяці tagasi
awesome that you have fun picking up trash, thank you from Oregon
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