I Found 28 iPhones, 24 Rings, 18 Apple Watches, 7 Guns and 2 GoPros Underwater! (Best Finds of 2020)

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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and EEpostr w/ 11,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on EEpost!
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#DALLMYD #ScubaJake #RiverTreasure #ScubaDiving #BestRiverTreasureFinds #TreasureHunting
Found 28 iPhones, 24 Rings, 18 Apple Watches, 7 Guns and 2 GoPros Underwater! (Best Finds of 2020) eepost.info/my/video/lYx6lniGialqwn8.html

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I started off 2020 with a broken shoulder, but took it day by day and I'm very thankful to have the support y'all give me each and every day! If you're new, help me reach 15 million subscribers!!
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Beat T series
Ansleigh Cornell
Ansleigh Cornell 13 päeva tagasi
Good job omg :)
Shannon Coyne
Shannon Coyne 13 päeva tagasi
I dislocated and broke both of my shoulders and arms. I now have prosthetics. I can relate to how horrible that pain is. I am so glad you are doing better!
Nicole Matthews
Nicole Matthews 13 päeva tagasi
How did u break your shoulder I'm worried about u xx
tess sanders
tess sanders 52 minutit tagasi
i love your content so much
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Where is new video? :(
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fine james
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you found iphone 11 and iphone x me i watching you in iphone 5s.....
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find james
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Amazing sir
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You are so good man remember that.
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Victoria Gunther 5 tundi tagasi
Looking forward to new material Jake. 👍🏻😁
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All I found was trash, dirt, and fish
Yerrj Tisg
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2021 who knows he found 24 phones 7 guns and more
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I know right
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then what would you do? Sell it or just for collection?
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Find James
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Find dreams
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was that really stevo
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Love you Jake ❤ Love going along on all your adventures! God bless you and keep you safe and well in the hollow of his hand!
Kasin Dunnavant
Kasin Dunnavant 10 tundi tagasi
Bokutos_Left Ass_Cheek
Bokutos_Left Ass_Cheek 10 tundi tagasi
I love how he pets animals it’s so wholesome 😭✨
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Find james
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dude your awesome
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Find james
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Ayden Janisse 12 tundi tagasi
is anybody else wondering what happened to his arm in past vids?
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You are the best
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12:25 bruh😂😂😂nice
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I turned 10 a day before you got in the accident
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Nice found man
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you live in georgia right well go checkout lake sinclair i hurt mt foot there once so seems there there is some interesting stuff there
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hey guess what YOU GOT 11mil SUBS
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Backwoods Girl 23 tundi tagasi
Dallmyd your an amazing youtube I've always enjoyed watching your videos I've seen almost all of them I've been watching since before you hit 1 million and I love every video you've made so far I'm glad that you became a EEpostr and I get to watch your videos they definitely helped inspire me to explore the world though I can only go on one trip a year but I make sure too make it count my last trip was arizona it's very beautiful I went down to visit my bf that's there for work till the end of December/ beginning of January of 2022 and I can't wait till he gets back home so we can take our next trip to hawaii and see the ocean together for the first time
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Top brother
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Super brother's
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What a great life you have, congratulations, don't ruin it with bad choices and bad women.
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no ones gonna talk about his into he hasent changed it at all
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I love your videos so much
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I am from Iraq, I love you 🇮🇶
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I saw him and met him
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XD 💗
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Find james
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I hope he not in the river
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And you happy 🥺 ?
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Lol one russian guy did exactly what u was going to with the button. The only thing it was 1 mill so...
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Find James
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Hello bro im from indonesia
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Want me to lift it?
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Congrats for hitting 10,000,000 subs and i like that you finding stuffs
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find james
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The bouncy brake remarkably flash because bit undoubtedly calculate aboard a womanly gas. far-flung, overrated microwave
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Find James!
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0:48 look where his hands are
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Hey Jake would you ever dive in eagles nest
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Hope you’re OK
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Know way
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You got 2 mil subs in a few weeks that is awesome dude
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Congrats for almost 12mil
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May i ask what happened to your arm?
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I’m happy for you
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Jeez I remember watching that one mil video, felt like last week, that happened fast! All deserved you are amazing
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Was it just me or did I see another wrong when Jake saw the plane I saw another ring
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Hey buddy some very good finds, check out the bag we find metal detecting in Scotland on our EEpost Channel, ATB #scottishrelicsyoutube
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You should go to the Colorado river.
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Also, find james, lol
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I found your youtube channel a while ago. subscribed around a few weeks before 10 mil
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11.8 million subscribers outstanding Jake job well done and outstanding videos really really have injoyed your videos so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awww you must be so happy i saw that you were crying
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America is insane. The only thing I would find in Australia is beer cans flip flops
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Congratulations you got one more....
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i love you so mash
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Justin Bieber's One Of One Rolls Royce | West Coast Customs
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Justin Bieber's One Of One Rolls Royce | West Coast Customs
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