Metal Detecting Small Hot Springs! (CLOTHING OPTIONAL)

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Join me as we search a hot springs for treasure!!
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and EEpostr w/ 11,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on EEpost!
Video filmed and edited by Joseph Talerico -
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#DALLMYD #ScubaDiving #RiverTreasure #ScubaJake #MetalDetecting
TREASURE HUNTING NAKED? (Public Nudity) - Secret Hot Springs

DALLMYD 4 місяці tagasi
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B P 18 päeva tagasi
Hey man do a ww2 video
Jerome Smith
Jerome Smith 19 päeva tagasi
Jerome Smith
Jerome Smith 19 päeva tagasi
baby yoda is life
baby yoda is life Місяць tagasi
I forgot what was the video in your outro?
Sanedin The Boss Gamer
Sanedin The Boss Gamer 2 місяці tagasi
Hv no
terry godfrey
terry godfrey 3 päeva tagasi
Good job keep it up
alta white lark
alta white lark 3 päeva tagasi
How about going to a fort? Or the Black Hills? Or The Ozarks? Water parks? Roller coasters parks? They are closed but kool treasures?
Richard Metz
Richard Metz 7 päeva tagasi
I found some nice silver in a spring in Florida.
CREED GERALDS 7 päeva tagasi
Wrong mushrooms 😂😂
Toryn Fiasco
Toryn Fiasco 8 päeva tagasi
People who wish he was your brother 👇🏿
Toryn Fiasco
Toryn Fiasco 8 päeva tagasi
People who wish that he was your brother👇🏿
iloveSnow 83
iloveSnow 83 9 päeva tagasi
I live right next to Idaho in Washington state
Jacob Garrison
Jacob Garrison 10 päeva tagasi
I've been wanting to get into metal detecting every since watching u and keeping up with u more. Is there any kind of advice you can give me as far as which metal detector to go with. One thats good with both land and that can be used under water as well. I don't know much about it so Any kind of info you or anyone has would help tremendously. Been looking into the garret AT pro.
your,main profile
your,main profile 11 päeva tagasi
Correct me if I’m wrong but those tree mushrooms are not good for the trees
Lulu Swenson
Lulu Swenson 11 päeva tagasi
No way I live in ldaho
Aimee Du toit
Aimee Du toit 12 päeva tagasi
Why naked tho damn😂😂its probably relaxing but you dont have to get THAT relaxed
Emily Pennington
Emily Pennington 12 päeva tagasi
Have you been to a scuba area in mo
Neo Björk
Neo Björk 12 päeva tagasi
this guy is the best on youtube
Yeet 3453
Yeet 3453 12 päeva tagasi
I live near Idaho
Desert Wolf
Desert Wolf 13 päeva tagasi
Bro so brave to go headfirst into a pool of naked people. I would never do that.
Alfred Steyrer
Alfred Steyrer 13 päeva tagasi
Ar you Vacuming jake thats how it luks
CeeDeeCash 14 päeva tagasi
6:30 watch top left corner for ba ll sack
JoshBloxy 14 päeva tagasi
Rob Amburgey
Rob Amburgey 14 päeva tagasi
What’s that scar on his arm
Guppie G.
Guppie G. 15 päeva tagasi
That mushroom is a tinder fungus. You can make a fire with it, cause if u light is it keeps glowing for a long time, that’s why it’s called that way, cause of tinder the fluffy stuff from wood and stuff what easily lights to make fire.
the unknown gamer 123
the unknown gamer 123 16 päeva tagasi
i saw a ring when u found the second penny
Haley Parks
Haley Parks 16 päeva tagasi
Most mushrooms that grow on trees are not edible
Steven Miller
Steven Miller 16 päeva tagasi
I was not a good video to day
Levi Walker
Levi Walker 16 päeva tagasi
The really cool thing is I've been to that hot spring I've had a moose sit there and drink straight out of the pool that I was in not to mention two deer chase my sister around
Gindianak Lumang
Gindianak Lumang 17 päeva tagasi
That place is beautiful 😍
Kelly McCarter
Kelly McCarter 17 päeva tagasi
Jennifer Gonzales
Jennifer Gonzales 17 päeva tagasi
Lia Andreassen
Lia Andreassen 18 päeva tagasi
I love how he’s so excited about a penny 😂
hannah Osborne
hannah Osborne 18 päeva tagasi
DALLMYD your tje most inspiring scuba diver and when I grow up I want to be just like you ur the best
Weslee Matalamaki
Weslee Matalamaki 18 päeva tagasi
Those mushrooms have very poten poison
ayden Roethig
ayden Roethig 19 päeva tagasi
I live in Idaho
KTEAMK 19 päeva tagasi
I live I. Idaho
Lewis Spry
Lewis Spry 19 päeva tagasi
We need to go down this line where this BULLET HOLE IS
connermasonsteven 19 päeva tagasi
man its so cold at my house i wish i can be thare
Abbad Raja
Abbad Raja 19 päeva tagasi
I'm just saying but I don't think you should put your face in the water bc someone could've done their business there
Andrea Carr
Andrea Carr 20 päeva tagasi
Johnnys Truck channel
Johnnys Truck channel 20 päeva tagasi
I'm from idaho!
Dark Star
Dark Star 20 päeva tagasi
Master Cake
Master Cake 22 päeva tagasi
Hello how are you?
My Christmas Emporium
My Christmas Emporium 23 päeva tagasi
Lovely location
Peter's Channel
Peter's Channel 23 päeva tagasi
Do you have
Peter's Channel
Peter's Channel 23 päeva tagasi
What metal detector
lost bby
lost bby 24 päeva tagasi
Just so you're aware some mushrooms can be lethal by touch not only by eating them. Please be careful when searching for something you don't understand.
Wei Hong
Wei Hong 25 päeva tagasi
Don’t touch the mushrooms
Doug Anderson
Doug Anderson Місяць tagasi
Should dive around tubbs hill on lake Coeur d'Alene. You were close, and it's a super popular spot in the summer.
Inside My eyes
Inside My eyes Місяць tagasi
God bless everyone
Create- aroo
Create- aroo Місяць tagasi
This is were i live
Magic One
Magic One Місяць tagasi
Jerry Johnson! Used to go there in the seventies! Stayed in the elk hay barn, which I think is no longer there, which was on the upper left hillside from the upper pools! Was there at -20 one winter but did not feel that cold as we were comfortable in the small barn loft.
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin Місяць tagasi
2:42 that is probably the most awkward thing i’ve ever seen
Khawla channel
Khawla channel Місяць tagasi
Hello, I like your videos, can I take some of them and put them in my channel?
Georg Rossebø Isdahl
Georg Rossebø Isdahl Місяць tagasi
3 coins and one nail👏 nice :D More than i have ever find
Midnight fluffy playz
Midnight fluffy playz Місяць tagasi
*when he goes to your state* :👁👄👁 Like me lol
eliangelisaway Місяць tagasi
"From 1987!" The FNAF fans: *heavy breathing*
Myia Місяць tagasi
Love your videos ❤️
Sean McMahon
Sean McMahon Місяць tagasi
Got a lil sus when he said he was mushroom hunting
WillTheBest Місяць tagasi
tf would i go there if there is nude men..
Parker Kendrick
Parker Kendrick Місяць tagasi
I love you videos
Angel Mendoza
Angel Mendoza Місяць tagasi
You know what I like from him, it’s cool when he puts the cool song when he goes somewhere or when he enters the sea it’s so cool.
Levi HD
Levi HD Місяць tagasi
What is that scar from
Zuzana Bendikova
Zuzana Bendikova Місяць tagasi
Song coconut
neive hickman
neive hickman Місяць tagasi
What did he say Jake: "there are naked people everywhere" Me: 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😲😲😲😲😲🙊
neive hickman
neive hickman Місяць tagasi
Sara Clark
Sara Clark Місяць tagasi
I like the sound of the foot steps
gaylemae Місяць tagasi
Never touch a mushroom unless you know it’s safe. Your skin can uptake the poisons
ghost script
ghost script Місяць tagasi
Do it at Potapsco state park! Always cool finds there 😃
Ostrich Arms
Ostrich Arms Місяць tagasi
No way!!! I could’ve seen you. I was there back in October-November and totally could’ve seen you
Christine Berry
Christine Berry Місяць tagasi
Nicole of " Rehab Addict" said to keep nails!
David W.
David W. Місяць tagasi
That’s interesting, we have some clothing optional beaches around here and they are very uptight about people having a camera anywhere near them. Good thing these people aren’t like that
kw A
kw A Місяць tagasi
The springs are so shallow if one was to lose something they could just reach down and pick it up. You should find abandoned swimming holes that are deep.
Roland die Kakadu 1997
Roland die Kakadu 1997 Місяць tagasi
This Spot got amazing vibes
z 8
z 8 Місяць tagasi
Wats a hotspring
TIA KNOX Місяць tagasi
I just wanted to let you know right now that that is not a mushroom that is a conch you obviously have no idea what a mushroom is because that is a conch not a mushroom it triggers me so much this isn't a hate comment I'm just trying to tell you that that's a comp not a mushroom
Aidan Shaw
Aidan Shaw Місяць tagasi
Jake find a watch an a random persons arm a potential murder weapon
Isabell Clegg
Isabell Clegg Місяць tagasi
Barbara Lewis
Barbara Lewis Місяць tagasi
I love your video
Lochlan Haack
Lochlan Haack Місяць tagasi
Fungus not mushrooms just a remainder
John Wade
John Wade Місяць tagasi
have you ever used a blue dolphin?
austyn guckenberg
austyn guckenberg Місяць tagasi
penes or coper
austyn guckenberg
austyn guckenberg Місяць tagasi
not mushurm its a konke
Rickory hickory simerly
Rickory hickory simerly Місяць tagasi
“Some guys junk floatin’ round and we cant film it” 3y.o: whats wrong? Its just trash...
Joseph telewik
Joseph telewik 2 місяці tagasi
What metal detector do you use?
Calvin Braun
Calvin Braun 2 місяці tagasi
Gg Bois
Gg Bois 2 місяці tagasi
Jakob MCPIKE 2 місяці tagasi
That wasn’t a mushroom it was fungus
Mari443Garrett1 2 місяці tagasi
You can't find rings over there because it's too shallow. They can find it themselves if it falls.
ThisIsDK 2 місяці tagasi
1:28 Uncle Iroh should take notes
Lori King
Lori King 2 місяці tagasi
Where has Jake been for over a month???
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia 2 місяці tagasi
Use metal detector under roller coaster rides lol
Nate Hansen
Nate Hansen 2 місяці tagasi
As he touches the mushrooms
LEON 2 місяці tagasi
I live near Jerry Johnsons hot springs so I think thats prety cool that you went there.
Nathan Beardsall
Nathan Beardsall 2 місяці tagasi
This is my state
Adisa Suljic
Adisa Suljic 2 місяці tagasi
Cool bro
Levi Jackson
Levi Jackson 2 місяці tagasi
Those aren’t mushrooms lol
A Mas.0
A Mas.0 2 місяці tagasi
Jake, if you want to check out a semi secret hot spring in northern NM, hit me up
Kale Argue
Kale Argue 2 місяці tagasi
those are conks not mushrooms
Genius Zeal
Genius Zeal 2 місяці tagasi
You people need to ask God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to show you people who need to get their act together!
Shaun clayton
Shaun clayton 2 місяці tagasi
Yo I dived and fond 18000 dollars
Patrick Sloan
Patrick Sloan Місяць tagasi
Spend some of that cash on learning how to spell and use proper grammer!
Kiran Nikam
Kiran Nikam 2 місяці tagasi
Kiran Nikam
Kiran Nikam 2 місяці tagasi
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