My Most Terrifying Moments While Scuba Diving! (Caught on Camera)

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In this video we show our most terrifying moments while searching for river treasure!
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and EEpostr w/ 11,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on EEpost!
Video filmed and edited by Joseph Talerico -
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Most Terrifying Moments While Scuba Diving! (Caught on Camera)

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mylee lorenz
mylee lorenz 13 päeva tagasi
man you made this creepy video on halloween
Maryann Carr
Maryann Carr 17 päeva tagasi
Scott MacPhail
Scott MacPhail 21 päev tagasi
Have you found any bodys scuba diving?
Leonardo Douglas
Leonardo Douglas 26 päeva tagasi
Megan Cammack
Megan Cammack 27 päeva tagasi
Hi bio
Noeys Palace
Noeys Palace 23 tundi tagasi
dang that scar ಠoಠ
Victor SauRian
Victor SauRian Päev tagasi
him:picks up anything he finds in the water me: *feet touches a small rock* AHHHH EVACUATE EVACUATE THE BEACWHWBE SHARNWKKAKSKS
• Yᴏᴏɴɪᴇ Mᴇʀᴀ •
• Yᴏᴏɴɪᴇ Mᴇʀᴀ • Päev tagasi
What inside the box?? Please tell me! I’m so curious!
wade 3 päeva tagasi
Let me just put this human leg bone right in my hand dandy pouch hahaha
Tonya Riggin
Tonya Riggin 3 päeva tagasi
Danny Edwards
Danny Edwards 4 päeva tagasi
human remains part: dallmyd;blublublub translation:nooo aunt Rebecca! noooo!
Abigail oak Coulson
Abigail oak Coulson 4 päeva tagasi
Him: finds human remains Me: foot touches seaweed *cries*
MrBagHat 4 päeva tagasi
u have a mouse like mine
bruh 5 päeva tagasi
12:20 "Can it blow up?" Punches it
Penguin Overlord
Penguin Overlord 5 päeva tagasi
Your dog is also very cute.
Gordon Stearns
Gordon Stearns 6 päeva tagasi
The people that took care of little girl hear in Jacksonville florida took her ashes and through away no I can't visit her thanks
LifeOf aMom Adventures
LifeOf aMom Adventures 6 päeva tagasi
Good Morning. I just found you. The ashes bag should have a name, date of birth and death, along with a number. The number can be used to locate relatives of the deceased. All you need to do, is call your local mortuary and tell them what you found, what you found it in, the name of the deceased, if it's on there, the dates, and the that number. They'll be able to find the relatives. I learned that when we had our Mom cremated when we lost her to ovarian cancer 3-1/2 years ago.
Lucas Baird
Lucas Baird 7 päeva tagasi
I remeber that pistal vid
ashoryb 1014
ashoryb 1014 7 päeva tagasi
I literally watched that cremated remains part over and over and cried laughing. That scream was epic!! ugh literally tears rolling down my face
Gabriel Saravia
Gabriel Saravia 7 päeva tagasi
I think i would have fainted about the human remains
Haley M
Haley M 8 päeva tagasi
so good!!!!!!!!!!
ANTHONY LEWIS 8 päeva tagasi
suba dive with knife so if anything attacks
Kat McCracken
Kat McCracken 8 päeva tagasi
It's actually illegal to "scatter" the ashes of someone so that may be why it was the whole box with the bag of ashes in it. Lol. Iust a thought. Great video bro! 🥰
Joy Gan
Joy Gan 8 päeva tagasi
Bro this video is so scary but it's still an awesome video!
Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson 9 päeva tagasi
If I went diving everyday I would wear gloves same for y’all Bc you leave finger prints
Leon Booster
Leon Booster 9 päeva tagasi
What is the red line on your arm
emm's video
emm's video 10 päeva tagasi
5:48 Why was Jordan in a dog cage!!!!
Cindy Davis
Cindy Davis 10 päeva tagasi
I love treasurer pajamas.
Liseth Delgado
Liseth Delgado 10 päeva tagasi
Tresuer being like dad wath are you doing and u chase her away
Skye Dancer
Skye Dancer 11 päeva tagasi
Jake, I loved this video. I've seen them all. They and enjoyed each one. Jake, you are such a great caring, fun, polite and sensitive young man. Your parents couldn't of raised a better man. Please keep bring the videos. Jake, I do have a favor. Would it be possible for you to drop the dirtymagyakers link on your channel. I've seen you on their videos and in their chats every now and then. If your not aware, Adam's equipment was stolen. They are so close to being monetized after starting from scratch. I
Alex Idiculla Mathews
Alex Idiculla Mathews 11 päeva tagasi
I can hear the Karen's screaming "you can't go about disturbing the dead in the water, I'm gonna have to see your manager"😂😂😂
BuckBeak For Life
BuckBeak For Life 12 päeva tagasi
Find Jake
BuckBeak For Life
BuckBeak For Life 12 päeva tagasi
Find Jake
BuckBeak For Life
BuckBeak For Life 12 päeva tagasi
Find Jake
BuckBeak For Life
BuckBeak For Life 12 päeva tagasi
Find Jake
Liam The Car Guy
Liam The Car Guy 13 päeva tagasi
Love the dogs cover it goes with the video
Roblox gamers
Roblox gamers 13 päeva tagasi
did you have to put that scary music in the background
Conner Anderson
Conner Anderson 13 päeva tagasi
You people are ridiculous it wasn't remains it was someone's ashes yeah maybe you would freak out if it was bones but that would be different
mylee lorenz
mylee lorenz 13 päeva tagasi
me after seeing this video when i'm at the beach something touched my foot i'm getting out
bruh meme
bruh meme 14 päeva tagasi
0:09 did u get that dog from the canal
little old six
little old six 14 päeva tagasi
Hey Jake you inspired me to scuba diving
ben march
ben march 14 päeva tagasi
What's your dogs name
frank w
frank w 14 päeva tagasi
i’m accually scared if bous
MythoGaming TV
MythoGaming TV 14 päeva tagasi
This channel should do something with Yes Theory they are Seeking Discomfort aswell !!!
Carrie Compton
Carrie Compton 15 päeva tagasi
Hi scary
Logan Bond
Logan Bond 15 päeva tagasi
when you found the treasure that you called "Human Remains" did that mean you found actual human body parts?????
finley yuska
finley yuska 15 päeva tagasi
the toombstone could have been a mermaid bariel site
Deannalee Mills/figles
Deannalee Mills/figles 15 päeva tagasi
🎃🎃🎃Zoey JAKE
Sabrina Serigne
Sabrina Serigne 15 päeva tagasi
I wish u coulda kept it man , i tell u what see if that was me i woulda neva called the police bby i woulda took it home n my luck it woulda went off 💥
Sabrina Serigne
Sabrina Serigne 15 päeva tagasi
Yeah yall was crazy w that bomb like oh look at it , oh its live 😂
Levi Buttree
Levi Buttree 15 päeva tagasi
It was ashes ide
skinmelter456 15 päeva tagasi
The host of the black box remains could be hunting you to this day
K Poinsett
K Poinsett 15 päeva tagasi
Your dog made me subscribe
Eliya Dika
Eliya Dika 15 päeva tagasi
How did you get that scar on your arm
Ronald Scott II
Ronald Scott II 15 päeva tagasi
Ik you I've seen u before
Sabbath Sosa Angeles (Student)
Sabbath Sosa Angeles (Student) 15 päeva tagasi
It suasid not a joke
wolftracker3601 15 päeva tagasi
i just notices how far he has come and i have been watching since 1 mil
Patriza Salvador
Patriza Salvador 16 päeva tagasi
Love you all godbless
Wavvy 16 päeva tagasi
Is Jake allowed to show a human leg (not blurred) on EEpost? I guess, apparently!🤪😖
Melissa Harris
Melissa Harris 16 päeva tagasi
You were so scared 😱
World war Kids
World war Kids 16 päeva tagasi
I was so scared 😱
Goat Mama
Goat Mama 16 päeva tagasi
Love you soo much keep it up
Elliot Pulaski
Elliot Pulaski 16 päeva tagasi
i once found a human jawbone washed up on the beach, turns out is was from a murder
MLGKILLS GAMES 17 päeva tagasi
by human remains u mean poop
Thomas Locke
Thomas Locke 17 päeva tagasi
Wow you guys are brave
UnKnOWn 17 päeva tagasi
I like how he is just in something that looks abandoned
Truck vs deer
Truck vs deer 17 päeva tagasi
He should see if the moby dick animatronic at pleasure island is still at the bottom of the lake
NIKHOLAS OJEDA 17 päeva tagasi
Omg if i were you i would throw up when i saw the human remains like thats creepy.... I got the shivers jake, shivers....
galxy panda
galxy panda 17 päeva tagasi
Maybe the part with the tomtoms is used to be dry land and it got folded
Miky Majmagik
Miky Majmagik 18 päeva tagasi
Next time you go scuba diving with alligators bring a glock
Mairo Bijlhout
Mairo Bijlhout 18 päeva tagasi
The fact that hes not wearing gloves
tech support
tech support 18 päeva tagasi
can someone explain what he finds in these videos? I cant tell
dawnica renfrow
dawnica renfrow 18 päeva tagasi
We found a black box with human remains *continues smiling*
idiot boi
idiot boi 18 päeva tagasi
A black box out of a shirt and then put it there because it might have been that person's favourite spot to just go
Dbzlegendz 19 päeva tagasi
once i found a human leg in australia
JessenLH 19 päeva tagasi
Motor Powered Diecast Reviews
Motor Powered Diecast Reviews 19 päeva tagasi
0:19 I fast forwarded.
I’m to cool for school
I’m to cool for school 19 päeva tagasi
XnovilPlays 19 päeva tagasi
Just diving deep where you can't see the sunlight is terrifying man
Jaden Rachynski
Jaden Rachynski 19 päeva tagasi
An Alligator just bit him bit him?? Thank god he dosnt live near the alpha crock
Joshua Cargile
Joshua Cargile 19 päeva tagasi
what happened to his arm
lorien Ray
lorien Ray 19 päeva tagasi
Ok, when they say you can spread your ashes over the water, you don’t throw the whole box.
Nataliya Symes
Nataliya Symes 19 päeva tagasi
April Fools is my B-day!
Josh Shabronsky
Josh Shabronsky 19 päeva tagasi
What a vid
Asiya K.
Asiya K. 19 päeva tagasi
Did the bomb go to a museum? It was from a while ago....
RHYAL Boyzz in da hood
RHYAL Boyzz in da hood 20 päeva tagasi
I didn't realize that DALLMYD Was short for the all mighty 😁
F.W.S Adventures
F.W.S Adventures 20 päeva tagasi
If that was a croc he would never have been seen again
Beng Keng Ng
Beng Keng Ng 20 päeva tagasi
The merciful cylinder hypothetically tug because baby utrastructurally suspend given a savory myanmar. normal, cruel bomber
Isuapig 20 päeva tagasi
“Aye man be free”
Emry Joy
Emry Joy 20 päeva tagasi
Um...Jake...I think you should've started with the human found nere a river in between some logs.
Best Flipper
Best Flipper 20 päeva tagasi
It was probably ashes
Xzen Yonu
Xzen Yonu 20 päeva tagasi
Just diving in dark deep water is already terrifying AWSOME VIDEOS BRO👍🏻
Ithil 20 päeva tagasi
2:58 XD thats such a funny coincidence you published the video on April 4
Korben's Board House
Korben's Board House 20 päeva tagasi
That’s freaking scary🤭
Johanne Ry-Vaagan
Johanne Ry-Vaagan 21 päev tagasi
I love your dog:)
RTF Trecks
RTF Trecks 21 päev tagasi
Wait what was in the box
CASI SYRACUSE 21 päev tagasi
BlueOceanStar Trumpet
BlueOceanStar Trumpet 21 päev tagasi
After the alligator bit him I would have never ever ever ever gone back into water with alligators again
BlueOceanStar Trumpet
BlueOceanStar Trumpet 21 päev tagasi
I love your German Shepard they are my fav dog
JoAnn Hempen
JoAnn Hempen 21 päev tagasi
I always watch videos of fossil hunting and the way they are always in the Peace River around gators. I love the fossils but that would terrify me. Can you even imagine having a gator clamped to your leg , spinning you under water? Scary. Glad he got away and was safe. Awesome and crazy stories! Thanks for sharing Jake!
sonnyhavespizza 21 päev tagasi
DALLMYD:talking about Scary things and close deaths DALLMYDS GERMAN:Imma go now. DALLMYD:pulling him back,
Ditte Kongsdal
Ditte Kongsdal 21 päev tagasi
My Friend found a bomb from ww2 too while magnetic fishing it was i dk where I'm from and it was so mind blowing the army came to blow it up on a field not too far away from where it was found
dat.boii_dejuan 21 päev tagasi
Did they report the human remains
MJ P 21 päev tagasi
One day he is gonna find the avatar
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