Surprising My Older Brother With His Dream Vehicle!

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Helping my family means the world to me and I couldn't do it without my subscribers and this amazing platform. Thank you everyone. I love you all and I'm so excited to share new adventures this year! If you're new, subscribe to my channel:
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Found a Working iPhone X Underwater in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)
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A Surprise of a Lifetime.. **Emotional**

Rated Місяць tagasi
To really believe I stumbled across this EEpost channel during the deep depths of night around 1-2am just watching someone find treasure in a river, to getting his own day dedicated, to sharing his gifts with his family this channel is really just so wholesome. I love every single upload you seem to put out man, amazing stuff and God bless you and the kindness in your heat man.
GUCCI CH33Z3BURG3RZ 18 päeva tagasi
Whyyyyyy so pure
Makayla Adamson
Makayla Adamson Місяць tagasi
I agree
Pam S
Pam S Місяць tagasi
So beautifully said!!😊💗
Tom Baird
Tom Baird Місяць tagasi
@DALLMYD hi Jake I wrote a letter to you last year in quarantine I was Tom Baird I hope you still remember me
Travel Diver
Travel Diver Місяць tagasi
Nice one werry happy
mishking17 15 tundi tagasi
Thought this was a land rover at first
iloveroxlox123 Päev tagasi
Omg that is so nice of you :0
Alex A
Alex A 2 päeva tagasi
Success is a beautiful thing when you can help people around you out. Congratulations 👏
smille_now 5 päeva tagasi
Love from uk 💜
Sanjay Limbu
Sanjay Limbu 5 päeva tagasi
I appreciate yeah
Rebecca Darden
Rebecca Darden 7 päeva tagasi
DUDE you got us aII crying here lol so awesome
justin time
justin time 9 päeva tagasi
You are blessed. Wish I could do something like that for someone.
tomas resatko
tomas resatko 10 päeva tagasi
American Kia looks so cool
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen 10 päeva tagasi
So sweet of you Jake ! What a great bro 👏👏. My brothers or sister never afford this kind of gift for me lol lol
Taha Hassan
Taha Hassan 10 päeva tagasi
Lovely family. That's what family is all about.
Maisie Evans
Maisie Evans 11 päeva tagasi
No I swear best big brother ever💙💛 his face looked over the moon 🌙
D M 11 päeva tagasi
Its cool to see you guys that make money off of you tube sharing the love. Super cool.
Sheila Starr
Sheila Starr 12 päeva tagasi
Great Gift of Love!
THEOLDFIREFLY 12 päeva tagasi
How is his dream car a Kia
Unlimited Mobile Gaming
Unlimited Mobile Gaming 12 päeva tagasi
Your literally awesome 😎
Lil Dangle
Lil Dangle 13 päeva tagasi
Love it man.
Leah Klein
Leah Klein 13 päeva tagasi
oh damn dude your best man ever, a good brother wonderful EEpostr!🤩🤩🤩
Angel Barr
Angel Barr 13 päeva tagasi
Awwww u have me crying over here
Wyatt Munger
Wyatt Munger 13 päeva tagasi
A Kia Telluride? Talk about aiming low.
Yer Vang
Yer Vang 13 päeva tagasi
Your such a wonderful person
Nout Power
Nout Power 13 päeva tagasi
it was for his brother, not the brothers wife lol
Badkiddd Dindia Williams
Badkiddd Dindia Williams 14 päeva tagasi
You just got a new subscriber ❤️❤️❤️
chris ohalloran
chris ohalloran 16 päeva tagasi
Damn bro y’all gotta Kia tho
Ü gui to
Ü gui to 16 päeva tagasi
It's for u brother or u sister in law 😂🤣
Jackie Siple
Jackie Siple 16 päeva tagasi
That is crazy awesome you did that for them. What a special brother you are.
MALAYALI DARBAR 17 päeva tagasi
I have a brother. Wasted😂😂😂
33rounds 17 päeva tagasi
Bro keep up the vids never stop I love your vids so Much jake 💯💯💯
The General
The General 18 päeva tagasi emotional?!
Pamela Orr
Pamela Orr 18 päeva tagasi
That is so very kind of you Jake. Wow. Someday maybe I can save enough for a Telluride. You picked a beauty.
Neversay Never
Neversay Never 18 päeva tagasi
To the 152 that didnt like this video. U suck Damn Haters.
Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts 18 päeva tagasi
Cool video, thanks for sharing your videos definitely gives entertainment while in covid-19 lockdown 👌in Canada
Monica Beach
Monica Beach 19 päeva tagasi
Well done
REDEYE GAMEZ 19 päeva tagasi
I thought u got that car from underwater
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson 19 päeva tagasi
Jake where do you get your scuba diving gear
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson 19 päeva tagasi
That is really nice I hope your brother like that truck 🛻
Milania and Milada’s Tv show
Milania and Milada’s Tv show 19 päeva tagasi
You are the best brother ever
SweetArt Bloemfontein
SweetArt Bloemfontein 19 päeva tagasi
Jake please make a video with all your Florida springs diving clips. They help me so much with my anxiety and I know I am not the only one. Those shots of you just gliding through blue water (ESPECIALY the Ginny Springs shots) is so calming and relaxing. Pretty please! - Lola (South Africa)
Pixel car racer Tips
Pixel car racer Tips 19 päeva tagasi
Wow man respect
TalentLess Talkzz
TalentLess Talkzz 20 päeva tagasi
Imagine your favorite car is a Kia😐
Adam Craig
Adam Craig 20 päeva tagasi
That steering wheel grip is odd, upside down one hand at the top?
Drew G
Drew G 21 päev tagasi
💙💙such a beautiful moment💙💙
Manolito Managa
Manolito Managa 21 päev tagasi
Godbless you Jake your such a blessed guy to others keep it up..
Bella's Healing Artistry
Bella's Healing Artistry 21 päev tagasi
Kia.... What a great brand! Why you always make me cry tears of joy!? You're amazing! 💖
Colin Kulukhon-Lincoln
Colin Kulukhon-Lincoln 21 päev tagasi
I had to come back again and unlikenso i can relike the video as its shows the guy we have all been following for years now
Shawntel Kuykendall
Shawntel Kuykendall 21 päev tagasi
That was so nice of you may god continue to bless you so that you can bless others
Dan bravo
Dan bravo 22 päeva tagasi
This car increased KIA sales like crazy last year!! It's so appealing with its looks and I've heard great reviews on it.
Jared Middleton
Jared Middleton 22 päeva tagasi
Wow, I’ve been watching you for some time and after doing what you love and strive for then sharing it to the world is all we need. But then you share love with your family. How kind, it’s all about your loved ones and I’m glad you know that!
Katie’s Insane
Katie’s Insane 22 päeva tagasi
Found your channel while scrolling tonight and so fair, I’ve cried twice! So happy to see channels like these doing the most amazing things, helping people find lost items & helping overs! Well done, Jake!
Holly Maffia
Holly Maffia 22 päeva tagasi
Your such a awesome guy so glad I follow you!
Bug 22 päeva tagasi
That’s so nice of u
GANG GANG 22 päeva tagasi
I think am your lost brother can i get a car too.!?😜😂
MANCLOCK365 23 päeva tagasi
Just a great person.....The world could use more people like you Jake.......
Barbara Alday
Barbara Alday 23 päeva tagasi
such a nice gift. you rock jake
Dalton Williams
Dalton Williams 24 päeva tagasi
Awesome man😁😁
rafael carvalho
rafael carvalho 25 päeva tagasi
Jake for president way to go bro this is awesome
John L
John L 25 päeva tagasi
This is why you've got over 11 million subscribers're the best!
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson 25 päeva tagasi
Whoever Kia hired to redo all their vehicles deserves a round of applause. All of their cars are gorgeous
Michael Stellar
Michael Stellar 26 päeva tagasi
My cousin bought a new mustang for a Make a Wish kid at 16. There’s no more humbling human feeling than watching a kid just get his license and a dream sports car. Faith in humanity restored! Money can be evil or life changing. Just wish i had my cousins $, I’m poor lol
Yael Sanjose
Yael Sanjose 26 päeva tagasi
can you by me iPhone please.? hi jake I'm supporting you from Philippines. 😊
Yael Sanjose
Yael Sanjose 26 päeva tagasi
I Want Iphone from the river. 😍😰
Yeahicheifit 26 päeva tagasi
It’s still amazing to come back and look how far you’ve come and how relevant u have stayed u my friend a EEpost mastermind
声赵 27 päeva tagasi
Nicolaj Stæhr
Nicolaj Stæhr 27 päeva tagasi
Man you and your fam is the Best. Wish you the Best ❤️
marriannerudy 27 päeva tagasi
You're an awesome person and I know your family is proud to call you theirs. My grandson and I watched your videos for a few years together until he moved in with his older brother. I still watch them because in today's world, I need to know there are still decent, compassionate and kind young people still here. God bless you and yours.
marriannerudy 27 päeva tagasi
PS...I'm from Albany, right down the road. Grew up playing in the springs at Radium.
THE UNKNOWN MAN 22 28 päeva tagasi
I love there reactions💯💯💯👍👍👍
Cindy Preciado
Cindy Preciado 28 päeva tagasi
Awesome brother! Raised by great parents 🥰
Ghosted zr
Ghosted zr 28 päeva tagasi
6:22 I honestly kinda thought she flipped Jake off
Sean Chappell
Sean Chappell 28 päeva tagasi
Jake you are so Awesome and humble about everything you do !
serai davis
serai davis 28 päeva tagasi
So awesome!
O Buckeye O
O Buckeye O 28 päeva tagasi
So sweet. You’re always doing awesome things for your family and friends. The fame you have established for yourself and helping your family is incredible. ❤️. Honestly did not even care for youtube until I saw one of your videos.
Kayden Goodrich
Kayden Goodrich 28 päeva tagasi
What a beautiful moment! In a world so full of hate, divide and sadness this is what I needed to see. The world needs more people like you, more kindness, more love. Bless ♡
Johnny Rodriguez
Johnny Rodriguez 29 päeva tagasi
You’re awesome bro. Keep posting your videos. 👌🏼👍🏼✌🏼
Shannon Junkins
Shannon Junkins 29 päeva tagasi
If my dad got a truck he would cry
Tim 1111
Tim 1111 29 päeva tagasi
Get him a supra
sam dickinson
sam dickinson Місяць tagasi
~2 days later~ *they crash the car*
Jim Schafer
Jim Schafer Місяць tagasi
Sweet very sweet.
Renleafis _YT
Renleafis _YT Місяць tagasi
Awesome Jake! BRAVO
Hector Domino
Hector Domino Місяць tagasi
3:40 Men will be Men... Pedal to the Metal.
Moofy Місяць tagasi
That's incredible man :)
Tina Marlatt
Tina Marlatt Місяць tagasi
what a great brother you are!
Phillip The Great
Phillip The Great Місяць tagasi
WE have a Telluride!
Tammy Pearce
Tammy Pearce Місяць tagasi
Ya done good Jake! Would you like to adopt a much older sister? How about an adoring aunt? Love you and stay safe!
N S Місяць tagasi
Just another way to show off money! Unsubscribing! So sick of people showing off their money
Joey Ryder
Joey Ryder Місяць tagasi
His dream car is a Kia...
Slayer King
Slayer King Місяць tagasi
This just makes me happy
bbeettoo728 Місяць tagasi
That was awesome you are the Mann!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Malappuram Tr
Malappuram Tr Місяць tagasi
I wish can i your best frind but i not know your languge
horse man gaming
horse man gaming Місяць tagasi
Dis is the only wholesome jake I would watch
Brandon Fennell
Brandon Fennell Місяць tagasi
Jake is such a genuinely kind human being. His love and empathy is an example for us all. 🙏
Trina Dennewitz
Trina Dennewitz Місяць tagasi
This is why I watch your videos. You have such a generous heart and a gracious soul. You shine and THAT makes a wonderful human! Stay safe Stay positive and Stay motivated
Marvin Bedoni
Marvin Bedoni Місяць tagasi
Little Siblings Wanderers
Little Siblings Wanderers Місяць tagasi
You’re so generous to your family jake!👏🏻
Desiree Garcia
Desiree Garcia Місяць tagasi
May God bless you, what you have done is amazing that is FAMILY! God bless ♥️
Senpaî Місяць tagasi
Nice bro !
Haruka Deimos
Haruka Deimos Місяць tagasi
That is a gorgeous vehicle. Oh my goodness. I wasn't sure who was more emotional you or your brother and sister in law. The kids looked stoked.
Nathan Hershberger
Nathan Hershberger Місяць tagasi
Mr. Beast-like, Beasty contagious, so cool, so cool $$$☆☆
Judi Hardman
Judi Hardman Місяць tagasi
I’m no getting any notifications from you. Love you and often pray for your safety. Just had to punch in DALLMYD to get this latest video,
Marinda Hansen
Marinda Hansen Місяць tagasi
This was so tender!! Jake and Kyndall you’re the sweetest couple. This was such a great video.
merbell10 Місяць tagasi
Jake your such a good guy my dude
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