YouTuber Finds Bomb, Police Evacuate City! (BOMB SQUAD)

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EEpostr Finds Bomb, Police Evacuate City! (BOMB SQUAD)

DALLMYD 6 місяців tagasi
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Noah Beck
Noah Beck 14 päeva tagasi
Update on the bomb?
NanaStace P
NanaStace P 14 päeva tagasi
I love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jen 14 päeva tagasi
Dallmyd it form war war 2
This stupid Potatoe
This stupid Potatoe 17 päeva tagasi
Jake:calls 911* 911:what your emergency Jake:hi I’m jake and I foun- 911:we have our best policemen coming over right now Jake:ok I’m at- 911:trust me we now you are at the river Jake:ok now come before we die
Gian Carlo Tanyag
Gian Carlo Tanyag 17 minutit tagasi
My brain: i think is like a game Cop 1:wheres the bomb??! Cop 2:wheres the bomb?! Cop 3:wheres the bomb!? Cop 4:wheres the bomb?! Cop 5:wheres the bomb?! Me:is on a lake
Stephen Y. Talagtag
Stephen Y. Talagtag Tund tagasi
So no one is going to talk about him picking up the trash.
Arya Cakrawijaya
Arya Cakrawijaya 7 tundi tagasi
Thank you for that sir my grandma just come in too ther and yeah thank you
Garfielf 8 tundi tagasi
For those curious, a quick google search leads to news sources stating that the bomb squad determined the bomb to be inactive and disposed of it
Luis Soto
Luis Soto 11 tundi tagasi
Isn’t that “bomb” a mortar?
Jasheh Onfroy
Jasheh Onfroy 13 tundi tagasi
Mr. Bombs
Mr. Bombs 13 tundi tagasi
You shouldn't have done that
JAG312 13 tundi tagasi
Obviously WW2 souvenir. The fuse had been removed. No explosive. My father brought several of these home from WW2.
Monokuma 15 tundi tagasi
Small bomb "Kill radis is about 30 feet"
Connor Ward
Connor Ward 17 tundi tagasi
“Ruin someone’s day”
Julian Castro
Julian Castro 17 tundi tagasi
the bomb is about the size of a flashbang
RBX Panda
RBX Panda 18 tundi tagasi
(Finds bomb) Jake: let me punch it
GigabyteTech 18 tundi tagasi
Ahh yess because people find Safes full of money underwater. Any paper money would cease to exist or be comepletely ruined and i mean you cant possibly think your just gonna stumble upon gold bars or something underwater right?
marsh best
marsh best 19 tundi tagasi
yousayrun documentary boruto kidsmovies
Kayden Yarbrough
Kayden Yarbrough Päev tagasi
Genesis Alvino Nababan
Genesis Alvino Nababan Päev tagasi
WOW 15 MILION SUBS 1 year later gets 5 mil be like -_- i wanted 15 mil not 5 -_-
lizzy wasnevertaken
lizzy wasnevertaken Päev tagasi
I mean....lets go out with a "bang" ig-
Adrien Lopez-Wagner
Adrien Lopez-Wagner Päev tagasi
City evacuation lol
Victor Päev tagasi
Brave and stupid
Jose Benavidez
Jose Benavidez Päev tagasi
Omg.was it a dud or not
Grampzzz Päev tagasi
Mkae no sense
WolfAngel 13
WolfAngel 13 Päev tagasi
Is it just me or... The water sounds is really satisfying
Mariya Friesner
Mariya Friesner Päev tagasi
I love your vids there soo funny and crazy and amazing
Michael Boulter
Michael Boulter Päev tagasi
One mortar shell “Evacuates city”
ziah Päev tagasi
not that bad
Vanity Päev tagasi
The reason the city got evacuated is because while it isn’t widely known, explosions underwater are about 6-7000% more dangerous than out of water. The pressure created could be enough to turn an entire building into literal dust grains. Now imagine there are more bombs, one explodes, a chain of tremendously dense explosions traveling down the lake or river, reaching a pipe, or a drain, and the ultra-dense explosion, partially travels inside, has nowhere for the pressure to release, and the pressurized explosion just travels through the drain and obliterates somebody sitting on the toilet, or somebody walking down the street, or somebody literally just sitting in their car, the possibility of there being multiple high power explosions underwater, in a residential area, or even within 3 miles of a residential area could literally lead to the deaths of many people, so yeah, it was justified in evacuation of the city
joey bigzz
joey bigzz Päev tagasi
I know it's a felony to not report something like that
Addicted To Loli
Addicted To Loli Päev tagasi
most likely its a dummy round.
Brenden Balleras
Brenden Balleras Päev tagasi
if they picked up a mortar shell and left in the bottom of the ocean this will happen Random dude on a motor boat then the propellers make the ground move then a rock goes boink on the shell then KABOOM
Max Grabowski
Max Grabowski Päev tagasi
5:02 He walked up to it like it was an apex predator that was gonna attack him XD
Nelofar Adel
Nelofar Adel Päev tagasi
LionsGamerYT _-
LionsGamerYT _- Päev tagasi
Amanda Clemmer
Amanda Clemmer 2 päeva tagasi
The things people throw in the ocean
Ines Wojciechowska
Ines Wojciechowska 2 päeva tagasi
This video was pretty close to being uploaded on LiveLeak instead of EEpost
MrVrod702 2 päeva tagasi
That was crazy that you found a bomb
Pebble_ Cl1cks
Pebble_ Cl1cks 2 päeva tagasi
jake is a hero
Ryan Tulloch
Ryan Tulloch 2 päeva tagasi
overdramatic youtube video titles be like
Destiny Lover
Destiny Lover 2 päeva tagasi
It's not a bomb it's a mortar shell it would be very hard to activate it
Sunset Bosteder
Sunset Bosteder 2 päeva tagasi
I've always wanted to go cage diving with a friend of mine but I've never went to the beach:,)
Zachary Rankin
Zachary Rankin 2 päeva tagasi
I think it is a 60mm mortar round.
Mason Mugerian
Mason Mugerian 2 päeva tagasi
Kill radius: 30 feet The entire town: GONE
RT960 2 päeva tagasi
Yo its a good thing I'm not the one who found it..I would've yeeted it and ran
Avery Finlay
Avery Finlay 2 päeva tagasi
“We don’t know if it’s going to blow up or not” he says while sitting right next to it
Earth To Andrew
Earth To Andrew 2 päeva tagasi
Why are the police called almost every video
Steven Stiles
Steven Stiles 2 päeva tagasi
What part of the Chattahoochee are you fishing on
Ria Gopie
Ria Gopie 2 päeva tagasi
Ria Gopie
Ria Gopie 2 päeva tagasi
Artur Goszczyk
Artur Goszczyk 2 päeva tagasi
2.33 me looting the dead bodies after a school shooting cause im thirsty
Ass Hole
Ass Hole 2 päeva tagasi
As Forest Gump once said.... Stupid is as stupid does
Trey Good
Trey Good 2 päeva tagasi
TErRoRRiSm yAh
ItsMehPunk •Hewo•
ItsMehPunk •Hewo• 2 päeva tagasi
Maybe a Boat Just sink in there!
Erol Abdulov
Erol Abdulov 3 päeva tagasi
God bless this people
John Ferreras
John Ferreras 3 päeva tagasi
If you don't know mortars are little bombs that were put in cannons
DriveMaine207 3 päeva tagasi
Talk about fishing for views with that title. Don’t you think that’s a little over board 🤣🤣
Jacobe Kun
Jacobe Kun 3 päeva tagasi
Finds a bomb Reports to a police Everyone ran away *Chuckles* Im dead
Carter Gonzalez
Carter Gonzalez 3 päeva tagasi
So what happened? Did they get back to him was it real or a dummy round?
PLUS GAMING 3 päeva tagasi
Xtreme 3 päeva tagasi
its crazy how one person finds so many crazy things
VidKris 4 päeva tagasi
So what happened to the mortar? Did they blow it or was it a dud?
Peatoes 4 päeva tagasi
they probably planted the bomb so they get free content
WinsPlaysYT 4 päeva tagasi
Ryzen YT
Ryzen YT 4 päeva tagasi
Firefighter:the kill radius on that thing is 30 feet Police: *evacuates the whole city*
Ouzounicus d3
Ouzounicus d3 4 päeva tagasi
Video says evacuate city when the cops even said 30 feet
HamsterOfTF2 4 päeva tagasi
here *hands darwin award* you earned it
Jenifer Kumfer
Jenifer Kumfer 4 päeva tagasi
Can y’all just appreciate that that man just of saved a bunch of lives
Typicalpanda328 4 päeva tagasi
There's no way that could've destroyed a bridge let alone have a 30 feet kill radius
Timothy Doe
Timothy Doe 4 päeva tagasi
How come you call the cops so much
jeremy studios
jeremy studios 4 päeva tagasi
Imagine he dropped the bomb
Remilities 4 päeva tagasi
Girls: Why do we live longer than boys? Boys:
legoscout roblox
legoscout roblox 4 päeva tagasi
never pick up anything like that un exploded bombs are unpredictable
John Oxie Basilan
John Oxie Basilan 5 päeva tagasi
Bomb has been defused
John Jenkins
John Jenkins 5 päeva tagasi
doubt any risk with that, but better safe than sorry.
Mr. Solo
Mr. Solo 5 päeva tagasi
DADUDEBRO V 5 päeva tagasi
U guys are crazy and u would be on the news
Kyle InATL
Kyle InATL 5 päeva tagasi
I live in johns creek that’s crazy
Harry The Bot
Harry The Bot 5 päeva tagasi
Omg be carful with that
Brandon Pratt
Brandon Pratt 5 päeva tagasi
1:55 Where are the sponsor's Del Monte. You missed your chance to sponsor (Deleted Channel)
GET-DISTRACTED lol 5 päeva tagasi
It is definitely a mortar
Jericho ballantyne
Jericho ballantyne 5 päeva tagasi
Niklas Rauhala
Niklas Rauhala 5 päeva tagasi
Jesus u speak fast Xd
ELA RAAM 5 päeva tagasi
cool stuff
Deb Morris
Deb Morris 5 päeva tagasi
Looks like an mortar
Leon Rook
Leon Rook 6 päeva tagasi
brave and stupid😅
Surya Arun
Surya Arun 6 päeva tagasi
This was how dio was found
Kylee Russell
Kylee Russell 6 päeva tagasi
Team Drxp
Team Drxp 6 päeva tagasi
of course its georgia of frickin course
Team Drxp
Team Drxp 6 päeva tagasi
and ps i live in georgia lol
Semesa Rokodelana
Semesa Rokodelana 6 päeva tagasi
What the hell
The Declan Daily Vlogs
The Declan Daily Vlogs 6 päeva tagasi
Zelicts Ocean
Zelicts Ocean 6 päeva tagasi
bro I live in johns creek but I dont remember this
Don Alexander Charles
Don Alexander Charles 6 päeva tagasi
How did you even find that? That’s impossible!
Officer Raymond H. Karr
Officer Raymond H. Karr 7 päeva tagasi
johns creek? johns creek Georgia? i went there so many times as a kid and i never found a bomb😒
Ava Jones
Ava Jones 7 päeva tagasi
Imagine if a gator just came up to you while you dive down somewhere-
Cookie Man
Cookie Man 7 päeva tagasi
Ur adventures must be crazy bro fr
Anne France
Anne France 7 päeva tagasi
Cool I found a golf ball 1 second later DUDE I FOUND A BOMB
Debra silvas
Debra silvas 7 päeva tagasi
What would you rate most brutal death
CookiezGD 7 päeva tagasi
im surprised he didn't come out of the water glowing
R3flowz Ψ
R3flowz Ψ 7 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one thinking the bomb was a need thingy
jasondatboi 7 päeva tagasi
I like how u said the city needed to be educated
ArrowMan 8 päeva tagasi
its just a metal vortex, us aussies throw this shit around all the time........ -----------------------------> >>>
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